Monday, April 17, 2006

Lessons “Burned”

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a four mile hike with my two oldest children on the local Hawktrail. During this time of year the birds come through on their usual migratory path and you can see over 100 daily with the help of binoculars. In the brochure it says that the hike is "difficult" and 1.5 miles one way. That didn't sound so bad. We're tough, we could take it!

Before starting out, we got together our gear (water, my injection kit, extra meds, snacks, phone, etc) and I made extra sure to rub both kids down with plenty of sunscreen. As an afterthought, I haphazardly smeared a little on my own arms, neck, face, and nose. I was feeling pretty smart at this point thinking I was actually prepared and covering all the bases for once (I'm well known for forgetting things constantly).

As we hiked up the mountain we were sure to pace ourselves so we didn’t tire out too quickly (This was our first difficult hike together plus we're just plain out of shape). We were looking forward to making it to the top and seeing some hawks and other raptors. The weather was perfect for a day outside- not too hot and a light breeze to cool us off as we went. This made me wonder if I should have worried about sunburns at all.

It was a hard walk and although we didn’t make it all the way to the top ( well Big B did but Sissy and I stayed a half mile behind wheezing like a dying car motor), we had a lot of fun talking, joking, and encouraging each other along the way. We lunched at this flat little summit and even pretended to get lost so we could feel all cool for finding our way back to the trail. After we finished our hike, I checked the kids and proudly announced that we had made it without anyone getting sunburned. We were tired but everyone was in one piece and feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

Later as I was sitting on the couch trying to relax (more like sore and wanting to die!), I noticed pain on the back of my right shoulder. Sure enough, I had missed a few spots with the sunscreen and now had several small sunburns across my shoulders, forehead, and neck. I had been so worried about the children that I had given very little concern to my own care even though I am the one who burns the worst every year because of my light complexion. My family was so worried about me and felt so sorry for me that they proceeded to all laugh at me as I glared at them and flipped off my husband behind a couch pillow. Mean sarcastic bunch! I'm so proud.

So as we head into sunburn season this year, remember to not only protect the children with high SPF sunscreen but yourself as well. Have someone get all the little spots you can’t reach yourself so you don’t end up with a spotty burn like me. Don't give your family a reason to laugh at you and I won't be held responsible for anyone's husband being hit with a couch pillow.

After all, it’s hard to have fun with your family if you’re too busy recovering from your lessons “burned”.

By the way- feel free to post any great sunburn treatments/remedies you might have in the comments. One lady sent me one that said rub a tomato over the burn. That was a new one to me but one I definately might try in the future.


Anonymous said...

ALOE, ALOE, ALOE. Any kind will work. Fresh is best. I know of a company that has an aloe first aid gel that's great. It's FYI
I'm one who burns easily also. Hope that helps.

contemplator said...

Heh, heh, heh. I second the aloe. Being fairly transparent myself, I should know. LOL.

By the way, when you check my blog, do you do so from your sidebar? I'm trying to block out my cyberbuddies from my statcounter so I only collect information about the potential crazy people. (And could your ISP be coming from Albequerque??) Sorry for the technical questions.

Frankie said...


I'm like you, I burn easily. Hell, I burn just thinking of being in the sun. My son has had the unenviable task of slathering my back in sunblock since he was a small child. (I can't reach my back lol)

My son got a light sunburn today. We went to the park and played for two hours. I had no thought of sunblock. It's Minnesota, it's mild 60s, it was overcast. He got it on his neck and nose. What was I thinking? Bad mom.

The hike sounded wonderful.

When I was a teenager, I used Noxema on sunburns. Do they even make that now? Seems stupid because it was so greasy. In this day and age, I use aloe. I used to have a plant but I used it all up. Now I buy aloe gel.

Jo said...

Thanks for the advice ladies because I DEFINATELY need it. My stupid ass got burnt AGAIN yesterday! I once again slathered down the kids but didn't even think twice about myself. We spent almost three hours at the park with a new homeschool group and as soon as we got home I saw that my arms were bright red! The buggers hurt like hell too! I'm blaming this one on being blonde. Can I do that?

Joy- I usually visit you either from my sidebar or Missy's. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Despite the sunburn, it sounds like a great time was had by all. And I have also learned by experience that "difficult" trail designations are often an understatement. And hauling my wide load up those hills becomes more and more "difficult" each year!

momof3feistykids said...

What a wonderful day of exploring and learning. I am so sorry about the burn. I agree with Barbara in FL on recommending aloe. (((Hugs)))