Thursday, March 08, 2007

Birthdays, Banning, and Blah Blah Blah

I will begin with my birthday first..of course. :) You see, yesterday I turned 29 (for the fourth year in a row according to my kids) years old. Okay so I'm really 32 but my kids are smart enough to not remind me. lol.

Anyway- my birthday became important to me three years ago because of my cancer diagnosis. When the doctor gave me the news some of the first things that went through my head were (besides the obvious ones about my kids)- Am I going to even make it to Christmas? Am I going to see my 30th birthday? I had waited so long to finally turn 30 and in an instant I thought it was being taken from me along with everything I held dear.

Luckily we found out that I would definately make it to my 30th (although I'm afraid my adrenal glands weren't there to celebrate) and hopefully many more. Every year that I celebrate another birthday is another year I'm alive to make memories with my husband and children. I no longer care about what I do or don't get, who remembers (except the hubby better!), or what we do. I am just glad to be here on this day each year. Hopefully I have many more birthdays to celebrate and many more memories to make.

For my birthday the hubby got me a bouquet of a dozen roses with a dozen daisies intersparsed into it, a "Happy Birthday" banner hung up in the living room, cake, a card, and my own pet. The pet was one of those FurReal Friends Newborn Kittens. LOL. You see, we adopted a kitten from the animal shelter in early January and truth be known... I hate that stupid thing! The whole reason for getting a cat was suppose to be to help me relax more which in turn would supposedly help with my pain some. All I can say is HA!! So Vin got me a cat that doesn't make noise, move, scratch, crap, or ruin anything in my house. It's the perfect gift if you ask me! :)

The kids gave me a card that was definately perfect for me, Big B wrote me a really sweet letter, Sis made me a hand sewn felt pillow (her very first), and MonkeyBoy snuggled with me last night. It was great! I also didn't hear from any moronic exes, my mother, any siblings, or people I can't stand. The day was damn near perfect!

The "Banning" part of the title of this post is because...I am hereby banning all cream, whole milk, and ice cream from my "diet" in order to avoid THIS!! For those of you who are hoping for such things... LET THE BRAIN FREEZES BEGIN! ;) Does sherbet count as ice cream? What about frozen yogurt? That can't count can it?!

As for the "Blah Blah Blah"... it means nothing exciting going on here. It has taken me all day to write this post leaving me frustrated and even more determined to teach the kids to type so they can post for me! *snicker* HEY! I HAVE TO GET MY MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF THEM SOMEHOW DON'T I??

Everyone enjoy a big piece of cake (or anything chocolate for that matter) and help me celebrate another year that ALL of us have made it on this cess pool we call a planet.

Okay so only the parts inhabited by fundies, suicide bombers, gangsters, and George Bush are a cess pool. The rest of the planet isn't half bad I suppose. *grin* I couldn't help myself what can I say?


Anonymous said...

A Happy Happy Birthday to you...I send you happy hugs and birthday wishes...

Glad you are enjoying it. What an outlook! I can't say it didn't make me tear up a little...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine's the 22nd, and I'm 4 yrs older than you. yippee. :)

I love your outlook and that you are posting again!

My kids want a FurReal pet, and I can see the attraction for you, but I'm not buying one for them!

cmurdie said...

Happy *belated now* Birthday girl!! They started a thread for you at 21st... so theres a few bday wishes there also!! Wish I could have sent you something :( Luv ya!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Funny, My sis's birthday is today too, her too!

contemplator said...

Happy Birthday, Jo!! And many, many more!

We have a new cat, too. My wicker chair in the library is under serious attack.

contemplator said...

Happy Birthday, Jo!! And many, many more!

We have a new cat, too. My wicker chair in the library is under attack!