Sunday, May 06, 2007

Shhhhhhhh It's A Secret

Secret Agent Josephine that is!! She's used some of her intriguing spy techniques to give LWH a completely new and personalized banner. Isn't it great? Dontcha wish you had one? Aren't you just soooooooooooo jealous? HA, I knew it!

This lady's talent is amazing and I am honored to be one of her chosen winners for a free web graphic (see her site for details and enter to win your very own). The first time I saw Jenn at Mommy Needs Coffee's banner I fell in love with SAJ's awesome talent and ability to transform people into drawings/art. Jenn's banner looks just like Jenn does (check out those eyes!) and wouldn't you know it, ours looks just like us! SAJ knew that I look good in red and I think I even have BOOBS up there! Can ya see them?? ME. With BOOBS!!! Amazing!

By the looks of it the picture she chose for inspiration was one I have on flickr of the kids dressed up for Halloween. It's even titled "See, Heathens". Oddly enough, I think all but the oldest were costumed (in the picture) appropriately. Sis dressed as a witch and she is (preteen girls are HELL) one. Lil Man dressed as a dragon/monster and he is most definately my little monster. The oldest manchild now feels I should buy him a skull on a stick though to go with his drawing. Ummmm, yeah I'll get right on that.

Thank you again SAJ for the gorgeous banner. I am beyond happy with it and as I said, it just so happens to be mine and Hubby Guy's seven year anniversary today so this is the best present EVER!!! Well this and the fact that he is upstairs napping which means he is leaving me alone. Oops, did I type that? hehe

Head on over and check Secret Agent Josephine's site out for yourself. If you hurry she has an adorable picture of Baby Bug up on her blog now to look at. Too cute!!


Meg_L said...

ohhh, shiny!

Happy, happy

SAJ said...

what! no comments! where are the mobs?

just kidding. thanks for this post. :) I love your banner too. If I'm allowed to say that.

tifferny said...

great banner! btw, i love your site! :)

Anonymous said...

VERY cool! I love it!! I love that style of drawing I wish I could pick it up lol but no, I'm stuck doing what I do (my blog graphics are my own)
Preteen girls are hell eh? What have I gotten myself into? At least I still have *gulp* 4 years until my oldest hits those double digits and the preteen stuff *begins* lol

SAJ said...

the blog author appears to be mia

Jo said...

LMAO SAJ, yeah I was mia to da end...ocrinologist. :)

Thank you all for the comments and yes SAJ dear I think you're allowed to comment on your own work. It's stunning dahling, absolutely stunning!

Tiffany- thank you. I started to read your site (getting ready to go back again now) and knew I liked it the minute I saw your post cussing out those idiotic parents. :)

Lizz- your graphics are so cute! I can't even draw a circle right so it's better if I leave these things to the pros like SAJ. LOL.

Meg- Come into the light.......

Meg_L said...

Light? What's a light?

You know us homeschoolers live in dark, dark deserted caves.....