Saturday, June 16, 2007

8 Random Facts MeMe

Let this be a lesson to anyone else who puts off doing a meme once they've been tagged! I have now been tagged five times for this one meme! LOL. It means ya'll lurve me though so I'm not complainin' a bit. The only thing I dislike about memes is having to think. *snort* So here you go Eliza, Angie, Theresa (who tagged me on my homeschool blog), Sarah, and Summer. One meme down and only two more to go. OY!

Here we go...The rules to play: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1- I want to go on a diet but I’m having a hard time because I don’t know what diet a person who has no adrenal glands, no thyroid, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, and evilly low blood pressure should be on.

2- I am deathly afraid of riding on roads that are on the sides of mountains and if there is no guardrail it’s horrible. I can’t drive on one at all. I literally freeze up, hyperventilate, and feel like I’m going to blackout even if I just get into the driver’s seat on a mountain. When I’m riding as a passenger the fear is so strong that I start to cry uncontrollably. lol

3- I am also afraid of heights which most people find funny since I am 6’ tall. Honestly, I think it’s kind of funny too… as long as I’m not high up. ;)

4- I have horrible insomnia and have since I was 14 years old. Sleep aids don’t work for me and believe me, the doctors have tried in hopes that sleeping would relieve some of the fibro pain. I can sleep and function easily on three hours of sleep per night.

5- I got my driver’s license at 19 years old when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. My mother wouldn’t allow me to get my license at 16yo because I was 8 months pregnant with my first child at the time. I’ve been driving for 13 years now and not one single speeding ticket or accident... that was my fault (people seem to like to run into me and have 3 times so far. Thank goodness for car insurance!).

6- I use to be that tall skinny blonde in the short shorts and crop tops with the smokin’ belly that everyone hates. I miss her very much. Don’t miss the short shorts though….. OY talk about a wedgie!!!

7- Believe it or not I use to be easily intimidated and never said what I thought. My husband fixed that though because he is a very in your face and so blunt it hurts type of person so I came out of my shell real quick! I'm thankful though and hope that others will see me speaking my mind and feel that they can too. It feels good...go ahead, try it!

8- I love to study world religions, philosophy, and the law. I'm sure most wouldn't know that about me by my blog but this is just where I let it all hang out. I think the mixture of all three is what makes me so open-minded and hungry for information. I've told friends before that I'm a knowledge ho. LMAO

All very boring I know but I actually did put some thought into them and now you can blackmail me one day if you want. How? Well, you could take all my books, burn my library card, while driving me up a mountain, and making me talk to a fanatic! ;)

Now to tag some people. I'm going to tag a few people whose blogs I've discovered thanks to comments here on my blog and a few old friends too. Welcome to the neighborhood folks! hehe

David (this guy cracks me up!!)

Robin (fantastic lady!)

Jessica (she's muh Knocked Up Mormon Pudding Pop...long

LiveToLearnMom (I know her name I just drew a blank for some reason. I suck. Sorry)

and anyone else who would like to consider themselves tagged. Just make sure you let me know you've done this so I can come get to know you better. :)


Norm Deplume said...

I'm all excited. I've never been tagged for a meme before. I'll get to it this afternoon, I hope.

Homemom3 said...

hehe. Don't feel bad, I just got tagged again about this.

David said...

Wow, there goes my MeMe virginity. I am working it on as we speak. Thanks for setting expectations high by saying I crack you up! No pressure!

David said...

My MeMe is up!

Terry said...

Your meme's weren't boring. You have had your share of bad stuff happen to you in your lifetime and you seem to have such a great attitude about it. I mean, you don't play victim. I wish I could function well on 3 hours sleep. I used to go on that little sleep as a teenager but I'm too old now. Howerver, I don't envy insomnia. That stinks.

Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW!!

-atomik kitten said...

That's not boring. You can learn fun things like whether you are a natural law theorist or a positive law theorist.

Brad K. said...

About dieting, I would check with the doctor before changing very much. Let them guess, too.

John Tesh has a radio program, with 80's soft pop/disco type 'fizzy' music, like Kelly Clarkson. And includes snippets of 'Intelligence for Living', they are also listed on his web site.

One interesting 'Tesh' bit was about lunch. Someone studied a bunch of people, found that if you eat less at lunch, you tend to eat less the rest of the day. And they found that people that ate a full lunch were no more satisfied with the meal or the rest of the day.

I like comfort foods, soups and warm or hot beverages, such as hot decaff green tea or herbal teas. Celestial seasoning makes a nice 'country passion peach'. You might check with your doctor before trying the 'honey lemon ginseng', but that is a favorite of mine, especially in sinus season.

Weight watchers contends that drinking less than 8 glasses of water can affect weight loss by 1/2 pound a day. It adds up.. And I like to nuke a glass of water a minute, to just above 'warm' temperature. Cold food and liquids stop the stomach from digesting, until the contents get back to body temperature.


Anonymous said...

Gosh! That must be tough for you that you can only sleep for three hours per night. But don't give up on your doctors. It's not healthy to get any sleep for the usual 8 hours.

Jo said...

Robin- I got to read yours but haven't had a chance to comment yet. Those damn "gnats" ya know? ;)

Eliza- it's just a big neverending circle isn't it? LOL

David- Like I said, I promise not to call your wife my Mormon Puddin' Pop. ;) How does she feel about Push-up Pops? LMAO j/k

Tarrie- aha, so how do you feel about Push-up Pops or another woman using it as an endearment? LOL, sorry I'll have to tell you and David the story about why I call my friend Jessica what I do.

PC- Ohhhhh now you're talkin! I like the way you think!

Brad- thank you very much, I went to and saved the site for when I can actually read some of the things you suggested. I also had a chance to browse your site real quick and look forward to reading more. :)

Jill- I average about 3 hours solid sleep a night but sometimes two Tylenol Pm actually give me 5 hours and that's soooooooo nice but you are right, it's not healthy and I have no doubt it contributes to my chronic pain problems so I wouldn't wish it or suggest it for anyone!

Thank you to all of you for commenting, I honestly do enjoy reading and hearing your thoughts.

Kris said...

I am so with you on the mountainside driving thing. One time my husband and I drove to the top of Mt. Washington in NH. I will NEVER EVER do that again. Yes, no guardrails. Yes, I cried. :)