Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dammit and YAY!!

Okay the "YAY" stuff first because the "Dammit" stuff just pisses me off. I wanted to show recognition and love to some people who have given me awards lately. Talk about good for the ego! All these awards are gonna make me feel like a supahstah and shiz. lol.

My lovely friend Janice has given me an award and her reasons why I deserve it. All I can say is that I'm very humbled AND I'm so very behind on giving out awards now. lol. Thank you Janice. You are a great friend and our phone calls always brighten my day no matter how I'm feeling. That means alot to me.

I'm sure many of you have seen the little "Blue Ribbon Blogger" award from the Blog Fairy on people's blogs right? Well I'll be honest and say anytime I've seen that award I've thought to myself "Well I want one tooooo!". It just speaks to the spoiled little brat side of me that wants what the other kids have I guess. LMAO. Well, it seems I have finally impressed the Blog Fairy because two days ago I received this message "Congratulations! You have touched people with your writing. You are a blue-ribbon blogger! "

Ain't that just the coolest? I admitted to the Blog Fairy that I squealed like a little kid when I read that. Yes, I'm sad like that. No, I'm not a weiner. Yes, I'm smiling like an idiot. So what? I'm allowed dammit! :p lol

Here is my wonderful award from the Blog Fairy...

Now, on to the "Dammit" part of my post. *sigh* Today MonkeyBoy decided to get the juice out of the fridge himself instead of waiting for Mommy or Sissy to get it for him. Of course, he ended up dumping the whole thing inside the fridge and under it as well. This meant that lucky me got to pull the fridge out so we could mop under it and avoid an ant invasion tomorrow morning. So I pulled the fridge out little by little, we cleaned up under it, and by then my oldest was home so he moved it back for me.

Wouldn't you just fucking know that when I had moved the damn thing out it caught on the tile/linoleum/whatever the shit is and now there is a hole right in the middle of my bloody kitchen floor! Great. Just great!

Hubby Guy is out of town this weekend which means I get the "joy" of telling him when he gets back and listening to his bullshit and ranting for days afterwards. *sigh* Shit just can't go right can it? Bugger bugger bugger.

Oh well, other than that we had a pretty good day. The floor isn't a huge deal, I just hate having to argue with Hubby Guy over yet another broken thing you know? MonkeyBoy and I did have fun playing a game that Brighter Minds sent me to review. I can't wait to share my thoughts on it with you because it really is a GREAT game!!

I will have my other blogs up to date this coming week and no more falling behind! Thank you to everyone for still reading throughout my whininess the last few posts. I think I'm done whining now and can go back to just being bitchy. hehe.


David said...

That you disappointed Bongo picture is GREAT! That bites about the linoleum. I've seen it done when I worked custodial in college. Wasn't a pretty sight! At least you get to pick out a new kitchen floor. Right?

Crazed Nitwit said...

Hoorah, the Bitch is back!!!

Julie Pippert said...

Oh that stinks...too bad!!!

Congrats on the awards, though!

Hey that auto-link link list you do sometimes? How do you do it? My email is j pippert at g mail dot com

Many thanks!

Ravin' Picture Maven

Suburban Correspondent said...

Um...I don't get it. Your husband has never made a mistake? I'm all for marital harmony, and of course he is allowed to be a tad upset about the floor; but if he blames you, tell him to back off. There's no excuse for that. Think what an example that sets for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Janice- LMAO love you too.

Julie- I will email you. It's actually very easy to do.

SC- One thing I don't talk about on here much is my marriage. You are absolutely right on all of it. The truth is, if my husband has ever made a mistake he sure as hell wouldn't admit it. Marital harmony? In 7 years I can honestly say I have no clue what that feels like. The blunt honest truth is that I have a shitty marriage and if my health and a few other things were different I wouldn't be in it. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that without health insurance I would die because there are meds and tests that I HAVE to have regularly.

I have to choose between us having a happy life and my kids just having a mom period. It's the shittiest thing in the world trust me.

Thank you for caring though. That means alot hun. :) While I wouldn't do a post about it on my blog I don't mind so much talking in comments because not many read those. ;)

Anonymous said...

My hubby turned on an eye on the stove which had an empty pyrex dish with a lid on it.

It blew like a bomb once it got hot enough.

We had to replace the floor, which was melted by all of the shards of glass. And we lived in an apartment so it wasn't even our floor.

That was worth about a million get out of jail free cards for me!

Summer said...

OK I'mm admit it, the whiney spoilt brat in me does the same thing. LOL But you really deserve it. :)

And that sucks about the floor.