Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Brightened My Week- Part 1

Grab some caffiene because this is going to be a long post! So long in fact that I've had to break it down into two posts and I'm going to have to do the other half tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. If you actually read the whole thing then I think I love you. LOL. If you don't read it all... I don't like to read boring crap either so I don't blame you. haha. This post is just a personal post of me sharing something good for once. I know I've whined alot over the last few months about being sick and I apologize. I know that's not why you come here to read and I appreciate you sticking around anyway. This time though I want you to see the good things that have gone on just this past week alone.

What Brightened My Week- Part 1;

1- Andrew from Everbody Loves Coupons: Last night I forgot my usual little insert that lets people know a post I've written is sponsored and because of that combined with me not blogging or commenting much, Andrew was worried about me. So he sent me a message asking if everything was alright and was I okay? As far as he could have been concerned I'm just some foul-mouthed chic who snorts too much but he actually cared enough to check on me. People like him are the kind I love getting to know because they have real blogs and really seem to care about others. It's such a fun part of blogging. Thank you Andrew, you honestly made my night. I'm sorry I worried you. :)

2- Jennifer from The Life of a School Bus Driver awarded me with my second Schmooze Award. She said about me "She is a walking schmooze and an inspiration to so so many. Go read about her and feel better being you". Thank you Jennnifer, knowing you think so highly of me truly brightened my week.

3- Mischievous David gave me an award this time and you gotta hand it to a guy who's not afraid to put a fufu pink award in his sidebar. David awarded me with the Nice Matters Award. He said "How could I not include my benefactor?! Thanks to Jo for the contest where I won my soon to be revealed new template! Actually, Jo is more than a contest! She is a lot of fun to read. I enjoy exchanging e-mails in the background with her as well". Thank you David not just for the award but for your wonderful stories, encouraging emails, and allowing me to be even a small part of your and Terry's life. You are both very amazing people and I'm proud to know you.

4- My wonderful children for being so patient with me while I'm dealing with this vertigo stuff and trying to get work done online with my eyes constantly freakin' crossing! They even cooked dinner last night so I wouldn't have to. I've got three really great kids- a fantastic 16yo son who is becoming such a wonderful man, an almost 13yo daughter (my only girl) who is becoming a beautiful woman literally faster than I can keep up and is like her mama in pretty much every way (except she's a little hottie!), and a 4 1/2yo amazing little boy who constantly turns all of our lives upside down. He knows more about dinosaurs than anyone I have ever met, loves to learn with such passion that it almost makes me want to cry, and is probably the biggest smartass in this whole house! lol

5- While it's hard for me to keep up with all the memes I get tagged for (people seem to like me for some reason. Have you not read this blog?! ;) ) I do want everyone to know it makes me feel good knowing I'm one of the people you think of to tag. I owe people several MeMes right now. The ones I know of are: another round of 8 Things that Sara of Mother Anarchy and Nikki from The Guilty Parent tagged me for, the Seven P's Of Me that Christy tagged me for, the Ten Things I Like About Myself that the fabulous Madame M tagged me on, and the 4 Things About Me that Andrew got me on. I must say, the one Andrew tagged me on is one I've been able to avoid for almost a year now. Rotten man!

6- Everyday has more fun thanks to the Jurassic Park game that Brighter Minds Media sent me to review. Monkey Boy loves dinosaurs and the first Jurassic Park movie so I was really excited to get a game in that theme but when it said ages 6 and up I figured we'd just let him watch us play it so I could review it and then make up a game with it so he could play. That is so very far from what happened! That kid is just so amazing. Let me put it this way, I played against him last night and the turd not only won but kicked my butt so hard it is still sore! He didn't miss a single answer and left me eating his dust (and I didn't even LET him win!). It's fun looking forward to the joy on his face everyday when we play it. Thank you Brighter Minds Media.

And that would be half of what I wanted to say. Yeah, that's six which means there is another six coming tomorrow. What can I say? It's been a good week.


David said...

Wow. You are proud to know us? That is quite the compliment! Thank you very much.

That stinks about the vertigo. It runs in my family. Luckily it has barely touched me yet. Someday it'll have me in its grip. My great-grandfather and my grandmother have Meniere's Syndrome. They would be laid out dizzy with no control over their bodies for days at a time until they went deaf. Not fun knowing that is coming. Oh, well. Maybe the genetics will have thinned enough I won't get it. I did fall down on a highway once because the vertigo just hit me.

Sorry for the hijack. Thanks again for the amazing compliment! I am glad some things are going right in your life right now!

Anonymous said...

How freakin' cool to have so much 'good' going on that it takes 2 posts to get it all down. You go girl!

Julie Pippert said...

Even though I haven't gotten back to you about it yet (dratted tropical storms hitting and crap), you brightened my week.

I'm so glad things brightened yours, too.

Ravin' Picture Maven

Constructicle Boy said...

hello!it is really a nice blog you have here.and yes..i read some articles of yours and i have to say it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

David- yeah saw the doc today and he has no clue what is causing the vertigo. :( I'm so sick of mystery illnesses at this point. I almost started crying in his office and told him that this wasn't how I was suppose to be at 32.

I meant the compliment, you are great people.

Suz- I know it makes me smile just thinking about it! :) Of course TODAY totally sucked but that's alright. lol

Julie- Anytime you need me hun I'm here. ;)

CBoy- Thank you.

Jennifer said...

It is so easy to brighten your day. LOL.... Your live with the Heathens is very interesting though, so it was no issue. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I can't believe I didn't see this until today! Thanks for the kind words, Jo. Right back at ya, too. Glad you've got a lot of good things going on right now too, particularly your family. They can be a curse and a burden or an immense measure of support. Glad it's the latter.