Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Badge of Honor, Baybee

Kelly had the right idea when she did this post. Being a Swaggering, Narcissistic, Swashbuckling Blogger is cooooooooool. I bet the "cool kids" don't have this yet!

*sticking out tongue*

Wait, does that make me vain and petty? Does it? Oh gee, I really hope so!!! *snort*

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post about the kids. I have not only wonderful children but wonderful blog friends as well. I appreciate that.

Tomorrow I take the kids to the State Fair. Wish me luck because Mama is gonna be wiped outtttt for days afterwards! lol

Oh and by the way, watch this blog and my reviews blog for a chance to win a Deluxe Cinderella dress up costume from Little Adventures coming soon. As in next week. As in, if you read here regularly, have little girls, and DON'T enter I take you off the VIP list! HA!! MonkeyBoy received a Fireman costume from them and I'm honestly impressed with the quality of it.

So let everyone you can think of know so they can enter too!


kellypea said...

Jo, you are hilarious. Funny how those lips show up around bloggsville. I love it, and thanks for the raspberry. Ditto!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Yo my friend. How ya feeling? The state fair? Money sucker. Sucks every dime outta your pockets. I won't let my kids ride the rides because I know they are just waiting for one of my progeny to get on and then..........WHAMMO! The rides self-destructs all over the fairgrounds.

Miss ya.

Rayne said...

That is a very cool award! I haven't seen that one yet.
How did the day at the fair go?
I'm sorry I haven't been around for awhile, wasn't doing well, but I'm back on my feet.

Homemom3 said...

I'm on messenger now. stupid computer.