Tuesday, October 30, 2007

     As you read this I am either getting injected with radioactive dye that will turn my skin green, make me grow muscles, and talk like an ogre OR I'm laying down on a cold slab while being passed through a whirring buzzing donut without sprinkles OR you're late and you've missed the fun until tomorrow.

If it's the last one then now I know what kind of friend you are! Don't bother checking on me until the afternoon? What did you have something more important to do? Wow. Just WOW!!! You suck! *snicker*

Seriously though, wish me luck as today is day one of two that I have an Octreotide Scan scheduled. Thankfully I only have to be stuck the first day with radiation but the scan is still long and since you have to lie perfectly still it is BORING as hell! All this just to say whether or not the lymph node in my neck is cancerous or not even though it NEEDS TO COME OUT ANYWAY! Yeah, this shit is still really stupid if you ask me but I haven't had an O Scan done in two years so we might as well see if I'm glowing anywhere new. ;)

Speaking of being stuck... I gave myself my second B12 injection Saturday and it honestly hurts less than when a nurse does it. So far so good. The funny thing is that my husband went to pick up the rest of my prescription that morning which were the needles and syringes (of which I was expecting maybe 10 at most). Oh noooooo honey, they gave him a box of ONE HUNDRED needles and syringes!! Ahahahahaha.

Man, my neighbors would get a kick out of that one! Why? Well because due to the reviews I do, the UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx guys are here almost daily dropping off "packages". If the neighbors knew I had all these needles too they'd probably think I was running a meth lab! *snort* That was a laugh "snort" not a snorting something "snort". Just so we're on the same page here. ;)

As for the Exercise for Comments post I did, so far it's going great! You guys are commenting more mostly just because you think making me move my fat ass is funny but eh, whatever works right? Yesterday was the start of a new week so we'll see just how much you're all wanting me to push it. Can you keep up with me?

*flexing my pecks*

*deciding that flexing my pecks won't work as I have itty bitty "pecks"*

Oh and in answer to two of Meg's questions- I have decided that I can only do up to but not more than the amount of exercise that is owed on here. I can still do the exercise here at home but I just can't count it if it goes over what you've racked up for the week. Also, no my comments don't count you rotten witch! :p And to think, I raced you back from the Wolf Sanctuary once. Hmmphh. ;)


Crazed Nitwit said...

Um my lovely lottle doofus, it's pecs. No K. As in my pectoral muscles. Got it, good.

I've beens tudying my ass off, that's where I've been. Nyah.

What in hell is an O scan? You keep coming up with stuff I've never heard of!

I luvs ya. Really.

Norm Deplume said...

B12 Schmee 12. You ARE running a meth lab. I knows it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why can't I stop thinking about a giant whirring donut without sprinkles... mmm, sprinkle-less donuts....

And if only my dad's name was Jim... then that cartoon would be 100% dead on accurate!

Good luck turning into the Hulk today!

(Yeah, I'm going soft today. I coulda split this into 3 comments but decided to lump em all together to be nice... Just this once, mind you!)

Meg_L said...

Hey, I need one of those needles for a science lab! Any chance you could drop it in the mail? heh, heh...

Good luck with the testing.

Anonymous said...

mmm, big sprinkle donut........

Thinking of ya. And that cartoon is priceless and SO real. HATE all of those forwards.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

How'd the donut go yesterday? And what about today's Halloweenish tests?

Meg_L said...

those numbers are much tooo low. move that B-hind you!

Mad goat lady said...

Happy injecting girlfriend..today is my day for having a little prick too...*snort*

Seriously though I hope things are going ok for you :)

Jo said...

Janice- pecks...pecs...you win. Mine has to do with a chicken and your's actually has to do with muscles. :) I emailed ya on the O Scan. Fun right?

Robin- SHUT UP!! That's it, no more "friendship" packages for you! Get ur own meth lab! :p

Andrew- one could thing about turning into She-Hulk is that my boobs grew for the first time in my ENTIRE life. It was great...and then the radiation wore off. Damn.

Meg- ya want one then come and get it. :p Does USPS even allow you to mail things like that? lol

Jo said...

MamaLee- thank you so much for the thoughts and for commenting. It always reminds me to go check out your great blog. :)

MGL- little prick? Are we talking about the same kind here or are we talking about exes now? *snort* Thank you girl.