Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes, I Cluck Too!

Because I'm a great big chickenshit! My face was hurting again this morning and the idea of going out in the cold to THAT appointment didn't sound like a good idea so I turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep thus missing my colonoscopy today. *sigh* I feel like a total jerk now. I wasn't having it done for any cancer scares or anything just to see what was going on with my stomach (before the B12 shots) but still. So I basically chickened out no matter what my excuse might be. I'm sorry. :(

I have spent two days out of the last seven in bed past 11am and I just can't figure out what's wrong with me. There are no symptoms that I can use to pinpoint anything specific and doctors honestly don't care about my lack of appetite and nausea since I'm not losing tons of weight (because of the steroids I have to take). Only once I look like a stick will they worry. Until then I just feel exhausted all the time, nauseous all the time, no appetite, of course thanks to the fibro I have that flu ache but it's non-stop too, and I've been getting some horrid migraines quite often. My face hurts because I think I have a wisdom tooth coming in behind a tooth that needs pulled. As these two battle it out I get left with the pain from it. Bitches!

So far the giveaway is off to a great start and it will stay at the top of the page for the duration of the contest for everyone to see. That means you have to remember to scroll down for new posts. Anyway- thanks to the curious girls at AmityMama, this blog is over 200 hits for the day and still climbing. I love you ladies! Do you think you could come back EVERY day like that? ;)
Even though I feel like ass today I decided to take the kids to the store for a few items we need just to get out of the house. With us living out in BFE they are usually stuck here with me and when Mama has been sick for a month... people start getting a little pissy ya know?

So I stopped at the Thrift Store first because I've been wanting to get Big B some funky ties for Christmas. I already have some t-shirts with sayings on them that I got from the department store in Albuquerque but decent ties at a decent price are hard to come by. I found four ties for him at the Thrift Store so I left happy and then we went to Hell-Mart because three of us need some long sleeve shirts for winter. I would have rather gone ANYWHERE else but it's the only store in this podunk town so there ya go.

We picked up what we needed plus some fruit, grabbed the little guy his BookIt! pizza from Pizza Hut, and came home again. Aren't we a wild bunch?! Wooo-weeee! *snort* Sadly, I am exhausted just from that little outing and ready for bed. So that's where I'm off to with the MonkeyBoy but I'm not going to sleep in tomorrow! My house looks like hell and needs cleaned so no matter what I have to get off my duff and work on it!

Or maybe I'll just bribe the kids with money and food to do it for me. Hey, I said MAYBE sheesh!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


Radioactive Tori said...

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy a few weeks ago and it really wasn't a big deal at all. They put me to sleep and I woke up feeling fine. Good luck!

Maddy said...

Well I hope you were in 'bed' rather than in 'bad.' That said, I hope you find an answer soon. I'd offer some advice but medical stuff is way beyond my comprehension.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Andrew said...

Geez Jo. I need to hop on a plane and head out west so I can give you a major kick in you rear! Get that butt outta bed. Clean a path on the floor to the treadmill and get exercising. 15 minutes. I don't care that you're hurting or in pain or tired or just bleh. Just do it. It's just 15 minutes. It'll clear your head a little and get your blood moving.

Oh and speaking of blood moving, I just bashed Meatloaf in a post on my blog, so that should get you fired up too!

Meg_L said...

Not much to say, but I'm stopping by and avoiding getting ready to teach my co-op class for tomorrow.

You've been on my mind a lot lately.

BTW, Girl picked up a X-mas present for Sis today. Do NOT feel you need to reciprocate, she just wanted to get her something.

Anonymous said...

In bed sounds better than a colonoscopy.

Adrienne Kleeman

mikster said...

I hate seeing the doctor for anything. I'd have probably opted to sleep in as well. Hope your feeling better soon.

Summer said...

I would have gone back to sleep too. (((HUGS))) I hope this all gts sorted out. Sheesh woman, you're falling apart like your warrenty expired or something. ;)

Unknown said...

Aw man, Jo. I am sorry you have been feeling so shitty. The stomach stuff sounds misearble. It ain't fair that you have stuff like that on top of fibro and everything else. :( I tell you though, I would have snapped LONG before I got to the point where rolling over and skipping a colonoscopy was an option. Well done for getting so far as to at least make an appointment to miss! Small victories - right sweetie?