Monday, July 06, 2009

Time To Start Living Again

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have become somewhat of a hermit ever since my neck surgery in 2005. At first I hid away because I got tired of people staring at my neck all the time and just didn't want to have to face them. After that I pulled back even more from society because I was grumpy and in no mood to put up with people who were stupid or petty. Eventually pain was what kept me home more often than anything else and instead of fighting that I just let it.

It hasn't been fair to my kids because alot of the time they are trapped in this house with me. I'm not saying I cut us all off from the rest of the world or anything but since we moved outside of town we've not been going out and exploring as much. I hate that and miss our adventures. The kids still play outside, go to the park, take walks, etc but going into town hasn't been as often.

Now Big B is starting college and Sis is starting at the charter school which means that it will mostly just be MonkeyBoy and I from now on. I plan on filling the year with new adventures but I've also realized that I need to start making adventures for myself as well.

So on that thought I have signed up for a Tai Chi class on Tuesday evenings at the local Community Center ($2 a class how could I NOT?) and Bellydancing class at a studio on Wednesday evenings. I have to travel an hour and a half round trip for the Bellydancing class but I've decided that it's worth it and I deserve it. *smile* My rheumotologist has recommended Tai Chi before so that should be good for the fibro and maybe bellydancing will loosen some of the stiff muscles up a little so I can have more mobility.

Of course, I could just end up in even more pain too. I think it's worth a try and worst case I start but have to stop to keep pain at bay. I won't really be any worse off than I am now and hopefully I will be better off than now so it's worth it.

I chose Tai Chi because it has fluid movements that won't jerk my body around causing more pain plus I'm hoping it will help me with meditation and focus. I chose bellydancing because it looks like fun and if I'm going to be stuck in this body then I might as well learn to like it a little more right?

I hope that once I start shakin' my hips I'll be able to get the damn things to STOP cuz mama's fanny has more volume than it use to! Just kidding. Not about the volume but the stopping part. *snicker*

So wish me luck and I might post pics of Tai Chi but don't even ask about the other! Ha Ha.


Doc said...

No, I don't want to see pictures.

I'm holding out for the video.

Meg_L said...

I just want to see you in your belly dancing costume!!

*Tanyetta* said...

Welcome Back :)

Angie Lee said...

Hey, girl. Long time, no talk!

I hope that both of these work out well for ya, and give a shake and a wiggle for me, while you're at it!

mamajones said...

I have images of you and Shakira in my head now!

Good to see you back!

Kimberly Wright said...

I am with DOC. Video!

Goodluck and have lots of fun!

Native American Momma said...

Those are both great. I have neck and upper back pain too. I have been wanting to try out Tai Chi I have done belly dancing. I was a dancer pre pain. My physical therapist said no twisting and there was twisting so I had to sit out during part of the class. It was still really fun though

gurgle said...

Ha ha! Video would be amazing!

It's the right attitude though - get back involved in life and enjoy yourself...sod everyone else who doesn't know you!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you have made a right decision, because the life continues and you should live active life for your children at least! I am for you! You are a brave and optimist girl. As for Tai Chi, I heard about just a bit, and I would like to thank you for your article and information that you gave.