Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our First Relay For Life

I remember when I use to love to write whether it was an article, blog, or journaling. Nowadays I just can't seem to put my thoughts down. It sucks because writing was such a large part of who I am at one point.

Anyway- last night Sis, MonkeyBoy, and I took part in our very first Relay for Life! I'm so glad we did because I had a chance to see and watch so many great survivors and families.

Sis and I each received a "Survivor" t-shirt to wear all evening which was cool. It was also very humbling and to be honest made me feel a little uncomfortable because I don't feel like I have survived anything. The cancer is still there. I'll never be rid of it so am I really a survivor? They also gave MonkeyBoy a "Caregiver" shirt as well so he was so proud all night long. It was really cute!

At the event we enjoyed music, dinner, chatting with others, games, watched an awards ceremony, listened to speakers, made memorial luminaries, walked the Survivor Lap, and then they had a beautiful closing ceremony.

Of course, I got sick as a dog and am wiped out today because it was so hot (the no adrenal glands thing) but it was definitely worth it!

We bought memorial luminaries for my father, Darling Vincent Smith, and also the kids' other grandpa, William Fritsche. It made MB and I both cry to pass them on our lap around the track. It still seems like they were here just yesterday and we feel such a loss because they were both amazing men.

So we will be going every year from now on and I encourage others to go as well. It is an eye opening, humbling, and beautiful experience that you shouldn't miss.