Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Just Birth Awesome!

Just like every other mom out there, I think my kids are pretty awesome. The fact that they all got my sense of humor is fantastic! There is never a dull moment with them and their sense of humor is one of the things I miss the most about the older two heathens not living at home.

Thankfully I still have Hyper Heathen to keep me entertained and boy does he ever! I thought I would share some conversations we've had this week. Enjoy!

I've been trying to teach Aidan some Scots Gaelic while I work on it myself, so the other day the lesson went like this...

Me: "Tha mi toilichte"

Hyper Heathen: "Tha mi toilich... Geez there is a lot of phlegm in this language! It's like 'hello' hock a loogie 'how are you' lots of phlegm 'can I get you anything' LIKE A NEW THROAT!!!"

Me: "Don't dis the Gaelic child! Dis it and I won't teach you to curse in it when you're older!"

HH: "Where were we again? I love this language! Oh yeah, tha mi toilICHte. Just rolls off the tongue"

Such a smartass!

For Social Studies he's been learning about Ancient Greece so today we had this wonderful conversation...

HH: "The Ancient Greeks were a-holes but the Persians were total dicks!"

Me: "Don't say dicks and people have been assholes all throughout time. Look how many we have now!"

HH: "Well that's encouraging...be born they said, grow up they said, became an a-hole they said, will be fun they said. Was not fun"

Me: "You just figured out life at the age of 12, now the rest of your life will be mundane and boring."

HH: "well crap, I just lost my will to live"

Me: "Welcome to my world son."

As I said, never dull.