Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby Guy!!

Yes, believe it or not it's ANOTHER post from me!
So today is Hubby's 37th birthday and the poor guy is upstairs asleep because he caught the cold/virus that Big B and I had last week. Hubs spent the whole weekend trying to sleep and recover but my guess is he still has another two or three days until the virus is finished with him.

Hubby is one of those hard to shop for people so his gifts this year consisted of money, a pocket watch, a DVD, and some Cadbury eggs. Exciting I know but the rotten shit buys himself anything that he wants so that leaves nothing for the rest of us to use as gift giving ideas.

MonkeyBoy just helped me make Daddy's cake a few minutes ago and then tonight I will be making Jaegerschnitzel for Hub's birthday dinner. It seems to be one of the few meals I cook that he actually likes plus it's really not that hard to make so it works fo me! *smile* Someone please slap me the next time I think eating chocolate cake batter is a good idea. I didn't even eat very much and I feel like hell! Evil damn death by chocolate!

Since Hubby is sick we are just hanging out here at home today but that doesn't mean MonkeyBoy didn't try to get us out of the house anyway. He felt he had a great idea this morning of what we should do for Daddy's birthday...Chuck E. Cheese!! That's right, MonkeyBoy thought it would be a good idea for all of us to go to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate the day. Of course, Daddy can relax and just sit in a booth and MonkeyBoy will play all the games for him. Awwww how sweet and selfless of MB! *snort* That kid is way too smart!

Happy Birthday Hubby. It seems like just yesterday that you were turning 30 instead of 37. I'm glad I've been there for all of it though and while there is much I would change out the last 8 years together, being with you wouldn't be one of them. Love you sweetheart and I hope you feel better very soon.

Okay, back to watching Superman cartoons with MB. I can't help but have one question though... how come the Superman in the cartoons we grew up with could breathe in outerspace but the one in the newer cartoons has to wear a space suit? Hmmmm? It seems to me that this newer version is nothing but a big ole red skivie (on the outside of his tights) wearing wuss! That's right, I said it. His mama dresses him funny! HA!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kickin' Off 2008!!

I didn't want everyone thinking I had disappeared again especially considering it's a brand new year. Hopefully 2008 will be a great year for everyone. I'm still having problems with fatigue but it's getting better each day.

I just wanted to post some fun things to kick off the new year. Nothing too serious to start you know? So here we go...

~ I guess Parent Bloggers Network liked the review I did on Printakid for them because they quoted me many times on their site. Go take a look! Isn't that cool??

~ Voting is going on for Blogger's Choice Awards which means LWH has another chance at Best Blog About Stuff. So don't embarrass me people, go vote and if you are up for an award let me know too. I love checking out and voting for other blogs as well.

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

~ Over the last few months several friends have given me some more awards and I didn't get a chance to thank them. So Andrew, Janice, Angie, Christy, and anyone else I might have missed... thank you for always thinking of me. You can find ALL of Life With Heathen's awards HERE.

~ Thanks to some fantastic friends, I've been having alot of fun snapping pictures with my snazzy new camera and hopefully I'll get to share some really great pictures with you soon. The hard drive went out on my computer but it's almost back up to par which means I'll be uploading pics soon and then I can show off how awesome my new camera is! I'm so excited!!

~ In a few weeks a very lovely friend of mine will be arriving from England to stay for a bit. She has fibromyalgia as well (only the poor dear has it much worse than I do) and is coming back to the States to seek treatment at a clinic in Denver. I'm looking forward to watching her progress and if it works out for her I will definitely be looking into the clinic for myself. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the folks at this clinic will be able to bring her some relief to the constant pain she's been in. I can't wait to have her here, load ourselves up on painkillers, and just sit and do nothing but talk to each other. LOL. Hey, when you have fibro that IS a good time! *snort*

~ The only thing I even have to complain about right now is another stinking sinus infection. :( Actually I think I've got both a cold and sinus infection. Yay, fun for me. So far the only one of the kids who has it/may have given it to me is Big B. He's been just as miserable as I have for the last three days. Poor kid. Tomorrow I'm having some antibiotics called in to try to get rid of this and then no biggie.