Thursday, March 17, 2005

Me? Stressed? What Stress?

Well as of the 7th I am now a homeschooling mama. OY VAY!! I was getting ready to do this NEXT year for 5th grade with Sis but it looks like I get a crash course this year instead. We just decided that she is miserable in that school. All her teachers have a really shitty attitude towards her which I know she's frustrating but I'm sorry, our taxes pay you to at least be decent to my child and not let her know you hate her!
Besides that, she's getting good grades but doesn't seem to be really learning much. I mean, she still struggles with remembering her multiplication tables unless she counts them on her fingers and just has a hard time with math all around yet no one at school will help her. So we're doing it on our own. I've started her back at learning the multiplication tables again and we'll go from there. I want her to be educationally equivalent with children in GOOD states with GOOD school systems by September. Just because this place is hick stupid doesn't mean my children have to be.

Anyway- other than that, lots going on here as usual. The play by play on everyone is...

We're still waiting to hear if they are going to renew the contract for Vin's office or not. They've already renewed everyone else that has to do with his job but left him and the other two guys in his office hanging. Bastards! So of course, we can't move out of this house or buy a house or do much of anything. I'm at the point now where I just wish a decent transfer would come in so we could get out of here and go somewhere else to STAY!

Big B is going out with some girl for the second time. I swear this is his 10th girlfriend this year if not more. Lil wannabe playah! He's getting good grades and his report card should be coming home either this week or next week. I'm not homeschooling him. He wants to stay in public school which I understand completely and we will just get in some extra learning here at home. He has already picked out the Dual Diploma Program for high school as well. What it does is prepares you for a technical trade and college at the same time. This way we figured he is covered no matter what he chooses to be when he is older. He still very much wants to go to college though and that makes me very happy.

Sis is just settling in to being home during the day and we're still working on the attitude.

Lil Man has hit the terrible twos and calls everyone a "meanie" all the time. He didn't do too well while we were in Tampa because my friend had a 3yo daughter that he fought constantly with. He'd touch something and she'd say it was her's and my son being MY son wasn't about to back down so they would scream and push either other over EVERYTHING. I do mean EVERYTHING too. It was also hard on him being out of his environment and I won't be doing that to him again. I guess mama just needs to get use to being away by herself because it's what's best for everyone. This just sucks!

Lots of doctor's appointements this month for everyone plus the kids' surgeries at the end of the month.


Gwen said...

Haha, I found the oldest post I could to comment on. How's schooling going? Sadly I haven't been keeping up as well as I'd like. I think of you guys often though. I hope all is well!

Killlashandra said...

Hey well he has gotten better about the meanie part at least. :)