Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My oldest "baby" is 14 years old today.

:( I have no clue why but this is just killing me. I sat in bed last night remembering when I was pregnant with him and when he was born. I remember when we had the u/s that told us what we were having. I still remember the tech saying "Don't go painting the room blue but it looks like it's a boy!". :) I remember the day he was born laying him on my chest while we listened to The Little Mermaid playing on the TV in the hospital room. I remember the shear terror I felt the first year of his life because of my fear of SIDS. I don't think I slept one whole single night that year.

I kept a journal for him the whole pregnancy and reading back through it just brings so many memories. I'm glad I thought to do that.

My little boy is now 5'7" tall, wears bigger clothing than I do, has a mustache, and is already a cancer survivor.

I'm too young to be a mommy of a teenager. No... really... I'm too young! LOL. I had the kid at 16 for crying out loud!

He didn't want presents this year just wants "cash" so that's what we're giving him. I miss the days of getting to shop for him the rotten bugger! I'm making his cake today, giving him his card with the money, giving him his present from his siblings, and then guess what he asked for instead of a party or friends over...

He wants to take his girlfriend to the movies! He's not allowed to date until he is 16 but for this ONCE I am bending. The catch though is that mommy dearest will be sitting two rows back the whole movie. :) He's also been informed that this is a one time deal and not to ask again until he turns 16. I thought I was being smart and the girl's parents wouldn't let her go but nooooooooooo they said it was fine. What is wrong with people today? LMAO.

Anyway- Happy Birthday Big B. Thank you for 14 amazing years. You've been my saviour, my friend, my teacher, and my biggest fan and you never even knew it. I don't know where I would be if I had never had you. You have enriched my life everyday you've been in it and I wouldn't change a single day if it didn't have you. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Time flies so really fast, It was just like yesterday that we gave birth to our kids. If I could only freeze one moment out of time that would be the day when I first saw my daughter learns to walk. It so sad because the next thing we knew they're going to build their own family and we're going to be a grandmother which also means we're getting older :-)