Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm Lovin' It!

No, not stupid McDonalds. LOL. I'm lovin' all the wonderful blogs I've found lately. The wonderful Ms Meg pointed me to Doc and Missy's blogs which in turn led me to several others and they are all so much fun reading. Real blogs by Real women and not a bunch of fluff and crap!

I honestly think I could sit in a room or on a back porch with these women and have so much fun talking. Many of them are cancer survivors or moms living with cancer. Most are homeschoolers. Several are blunt and sarcastic just like me. One even cleans her house which of course ticks me off (out of pure jealousy mind you) but she makes me laugh too so I forgive her. ;) Bringing beer to the porch is optional. Wine is a must but since all alcohol makes me sick make sure it's the good stuff because I'll be damned if I'm getting sick for Arbor Mist!

Anyway-I just invaded their cozy little circle and instead of verbally beating me over the head they have welcomed me. It's nice as sappy as that sounds. It's nice to not feel alone or feel like I have to hide who I really am (a potty mouthed, opinionated, ranting, sometimes...okay so most times sheeesh... bitch) because these women will understand.

If you haven't checked out the links I have to the side please do. I promise you won't be disapointed. Well unless you're that one thumping wanker who thinks I'm angry at life. Then all the cursing, bitching, and honesty might cause you to need extra time with your Bible. HA!

Speaking of Bibles. Meg, you KNEW I would love this link and I just can't help posting it. If it offends you well sorry. For the record, Praise Hems offend my eyes so now we're even. :p

And speaking of Meg, I conned her into starting a blog of her own. I'm looking forward to seeing what she posts when she gets back mid-month. No pressure Meg. None at all. *evil grin*


contemplator said...

Ooh, Ooh, I'm originally from Kentucky, so I know all about back porches!! In fact, I kind of think of the blogs I visit as being somebody's back porch. Dyan was talking about wanting margaritas this morning, are we all having alcohol cravings? I can make bloody marys and a few other vodka related drinks. I have a bottle of chocolate liquer that I use mainly for making tiramisu. You'd probably like the tiramisu more than you would the chocolate in the bottle, though, LOL.

contemplator said...

Oh, and by the way, my husband absolutely loves your South Park characters.

Frankie said...

I love your blog, Jo.

I am a huge potty mouth in real life, but I really try to make my blog G-rated because my son reads it. (As if he hasn't heard me say things, but, you know.) I used to pay him 5 cents every time he caught me swearing but I was soon broke.

It is really *nice* to find people where you can just be and not worry.

Jo said...

Well I was a bartender for a long time so I figure if nothing else I could make drinks for everyone else, take pictures of all the drunk bitches, blackmail everyone, and then as soon as everyone forgets about all that have everyone over to the back porch again. LMFAO.

Just kidding, I suck at lying much less blackmail. ;)

The South Park characters were big on a parenting board I was on. It seems everyone was South Parking their family. Once I did it though I realized it belonged on here. LOL. Sadly, my husband really DOES always look that pissed off and grumpy. One of these days he may disappear from the page altogether to be replaced by an old rich benefactor. :D

Frankie- I'm a potty mouth too but I've come to accept that about myself and moved on. LOL. At least, that sounds like a good excuse for I'm too lazy to bother doing it any different. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well I'm afraid to check out the links now...which one does the...the...ugh, I hate to even say it...housecleaning?