Monday, March 06, 2006

Trying To Lose Weight Sucks!

I turn 31 years old tomorrow and thanks to all the health/cancer bull I think my 85 year old great-grandmother by marriage has more energy than I do. My husband tells me to exercise. My doctor tells me to try exercise. I'm telling THEM to bite me! You have to have energy and not be getting sick constantly in order to exercise there boys. lol Also, my husband is the last person on earth to tell someone else to exercise. ppffftttt

The hubby has lost around 15lbs by doing nothing more than drinking two Red Bulls a day, taking 1000mg of CLA, and walking a few laps around the hangar at work. On one hand I am happy for him. On the other I want to push him off the roof. :D Everyday he comes up to me bragging about how lose his pants are getting and blah blah blah. I try to be a supportive spouse but ohhhh he's pushing it!

In less than 6 months I gained 30lbs thanks to steroids (to replace my adrenal glands not to pump up! lmao) mostly. It was very depressing considering before that I weighed 153lbs at 6' tall. That's a good weight and I had a pretty nice body. Packing on all that weight and not fitting into clothes I had fit into for years despite three pregnancies was just a real downer. Three different doctors have told me that I have next to no chance of losing the weight either. Pass the Zoloft this way would ya? lol

My biggest hangup is soda. I spent most of my life easily consuming a two liter of Wild Cherry Pepsi in a little over a day. I don't eat much so most of my calories came from soda. I would have three full 24oz glasses a day at the very least. More if I was stressed. So I cut out all soda a few weeks ago and started kind of doing what the hubby does. I started drinking one Red Bull a day and taking two 1000mg CLA tablets a day. I'm hoping to start doing exercise once some of my pain issues are taken care of (either doctor care or really good meds. hehe) but for now I just stick with my usual schedule.

I am happy to say that at this point I have lost 3lbs since I started. It's not much but it's something and it's a start right?

I figure if this doesn't work I ditch the hubby and pull an Anna Nicole Smith aka marry some old guy so I can afford lipo. Hey, if she can do it then I sure as hell can too! I'm much better than her though because I don't do drugs so I won't be strung out and I won't blow the money on taking my assistant to female strip clubs for lap dances! I can also cook and come with three darling tax deductions. Anybody have a rich single relative? Anyone?


contemplator said...

Your plan B sounds like an excellent option to me, LOL. You know, as much as you want to lose weight, I'd have to go with comfort over discomfort. If you're in pain, I just don't see how you can force yourself through. Save the muscle aches and so on for when you *don't* have to force yourself through something even bigger.

I'm assuming you're not eating a lot of junk other than the pop, right? Pop's my big thing too. I'm addicted to Pepsi. Maybe you could drink more water. I've read that if you drink pop/coffee/caffeine, you need two glasses of water to every glass of that you have. So maybe just have more water? You don't have much of an appetite to curb, though, from what you've posted before.

Ahh, what the hell. I say just go with what makes you feel good. Start calling yourself a fertility goddess!

Jo said...

Contemplator- Umm no dear, no fertility goddess here! I'll call myself a Happy Buddha Wannabe longggg before I say the fertility word! LOL. No, I don't eat alot of junk it really is all the soda. I have managed to go a week at a time without a soda and then I let myself have one. So far it's working but boy do I crave the taste sometimes.

Bridget- I say you drink the Red Bull and then ride a guy named Red while... looking at the picture of a bull on his wall. There, I covered it all. :D

Jo said...

Missy- Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in meat and dairy products.

I googled that because I couldn't remember how to spell it. LMAO. It works for some people for weightloss. Here is a link you can read or just google "CLA"..

Blue Fairy said...

I'm not much of a junk food junkie but i couldn't lose weight despite not overeating...then, this is not an ad, i went on the South Beach Diet. WOA. It takes some imagination, but it's way healthier than what i was doing before (not eating) and way more effective. having started to eat bread again , albeit wholewheat, i immediately recognised that tired feeling so responsible for my resistance to, i'm back off the wheat and feeling alot less bloated and alot more peppy. 2 litres of water/day helps too. I guess i'm recommending the South Beach. So maybe this is an ad.

Jo said...

If it works then by all means "ad" away girl! LOL. Thank you for the input. It's definately something to think about and consider.

Jo said...

So yesterday at the doctor's office I had only lost one stinking pound. I guess that's not bad considering I don't do any actual organized exercise (just chase and run kids around all day). It's definately better than gaining weight or a kick in the teeth eh?