Monday, March 13, 2006

Ow, Brain Cramp!

I can't for the life of me think of anything interesting to post about. This month is filled with doctors' appointments and BS mostly. I'm suppose to be cleaning while the hubby is at the dollar theatre with the younger two but I can't get my big butt off this chair. lol

Tomorrow I get to go for my wonderful check for cervical cancer. Oh fun! Am I worried? No even though it's very likely they will find cancer. Why? Because at this point in my life what the hell does one more cancer matter? That's honestly how I look at it as odd as that seems. I'm already condemned to spend what is left of my life getting cut open time and time again because of cancer so what is one more form and one more surgery? I think I'm just desensitized to it at this point is all. I'm also going to ask about getting a hysterectomy either way because I'm sick of the pain from endometriosis all the time. I'm done having babies so take the baby factory out and let me get on with my life! Leave me an ovary though because I'll be damned if I'm taking even MORE pills for the rest of my life! lol No preaching about risk of ovary cancer either. I'll take my chances at this point.

After that I get to chaperone the kids' Science Class at the museum. I stink at chaperoning but that was part of the deal and I only have to do it twice so I can't complain much. As soon as that is finished then it's off to the library for crafts. Once we get home, I have to do some school stuff and have Big B do his TA time with Lil Man. I also have to do some work on my book and start planning my children's book. But according to the hubby I don't do anything. Yeah, bite me buddy!

The kids are good, Big B's birthday is coming up next month and thanks to his donor actually paying his support intermittently (and me saving it anytime it comes), it looks like Big B will get a guitar for his birthday. I figure if he ends up not learning to play it like he says then I can always claim it for homeschooling and try to learn how to play it again myself. lol. Yes, once upon a time I played guitar. I quit though because having to restring a right handed guitar for my lefty self was a pain in the ass. Of course, that was back when lefty guitars cost alot more than regular ones. Now the price difference isn't so bad.

Sis wants to take some form of dance but that is on hold until she can do her chores consistantly. We got her a Hope Chest a few weeks ago though and it's cute seeing her windowshop for household items she wants to put in it. When we bring out the Yule and Christmas decorations this December, I will be giving her all the ornaments I've bought for her every year for the last 12 years. She will then keep them in the chest for when she moves out and has her own tree to hang them on. I always wanted a hope chest but my mother never thought enough of me to get one (big shock there I know). I figured it's the least I can do for my only girl and it will create memories and a bond between us that she will have always.

Lil Man wants to be in karate. That one scares me because I have a feeling he will use his powers for evil and try to take over the world! He may be cute but that's just a ploy to throw you off. He's bent on world domination I tell you! :) Other than that he's just a very verbal regular ornery three year old. He's also hit a very lovey stage right now where he constantly tells everyone he loves them. It's so cute! He also is potty-trained!! YAY! We haven't tested it out in public too much but the few times we have he has done wonderfully. He wears a diaper at bedtime still but here resently he has been dry in the mornings so that is the next thing to go. Accidents are very few and far between for him and I'm just so proud! All we did was let him go at his own pace and as he was ready. So much easier than back when I thought I had to push the oldest two to be trained by a certain time.

So that's about it here. All my babies are growing up and I'm feeling old. How did I go from being a young teen mom with the whole world in front of me to an old cancer filled lady having to take things day by day? Father Time is such a weiner!


Doc said...

This probably sounds sick to someone who doesn't understand, but I sometimes wish for something that they can "cut out" as opposed to looking forward to maint. chemo for another 3 years.

Jo said...

Actually I totally get what you mean. I've often said that both sides are kind of double edged. Those who have to go through chemo would probably trade it for having it cut out constantly and those of us who chemo won't touch it almost (almost) wish we could go through chemo and have a chance at remission instead of being cut open all the time.

I won't even pretend to know what chemo is like but from what I've heard it's hell. I do not envy you at all girl. :(

Frankie said...

How did the appointment go?

I loved the part about your 3yo loving everyone...when my son was 3 we were at Kmart and he told the check-out clerk "I love you" To this day she still remembers him.

Then they hit 10. It's hell. Where did all that love go?

Jo said...

Frankie- My older two kids were cute and lovey when they were little and now they're both snots! lol.

The appointment ended up with it looking like I will be getting my hysterectomy in the next month or two. I really like the gyn, she was way cool. The only part that kinda hit me was having someone else (her) talk about my mortality. It's okay when I say I might not live long, it's a whole other ballgame when someone else points it out! LOL.

contemplator said...

Honey, I'm sorry. Or maybe it's a relief? Will they still let you keep an ovary, or is it a full hyst.?

Life just gets better and better for you, doesn't it? Just keep laughing your ass off. We all love to listen.

Jo said...

The hope is to keep at least one of my ovaries if not both. With all the other meds I'm on, having to be on hormone replacement too would not be good. So whereas they usually say it's less risk if you have them take the ovaries with me it's more risk if they do. lol. I'm ass backwards on just about everything. :)

I'll update you guys with a post in the next day or two. ;)