Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm Brave Not Crazy!!

Or at least that is what I kept telling myself today when I went to the mall...on a Saturday! Nobody in their right mind goes to the mall on the weekend! Okay so not anyone that can't stand large crowds of people like me anyway. :)

Today at the big mall here in town the local Radio Disney station was doing giveaways and had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well. Lil Man LOVES the Ninja Turtles so there was no way we weren't going to it. Sis was the one who found out about it but she had a surprise party to go to so Big B (with his mohawk fully spiked), Lil Man, and I went by ourselves.

Big B sat with his brother while I went from booth to booth signing up for the prize giveaways. They had Cabbage Patch Kids, Ninja Turtles, and Kandoo booths that were giving things away so I signed the little guy up for all of them. I also got a bag full of freebies which was alot of fun and like an extra treat for Lil Man. After we all sat down they had their RD Frequency singers/dancers do their thing (and they were very good too!) which Lil Man promptly informed his brother "I didn't come here to see this! What the hell?!" Greatttttttttt I have a preschool potty mouth. Lovely. *eyeroll*

Anyway- after the singing and dancing they did their first prize drawings. When it came time for the Kandoo drawing they gave away two shirts and then when it was time for their gift basket (FILLED with all the things Lil Man constantly begs me to get when I buy his Kandoo wipes) guess who won it! Yep, the lil guy's name was called and he promptly walked up to get it. The lady asked him how to pronounce his last name and he clearly and perfectly said it. Then she asked if he needed help carrying his basket to which Lil Man said "No, I'm strong I can do it". LOL.

A few minutes later they asked for three young boys to come up for a contest. Lil Man was picked and went up but when he saw that the contest was hula hooping he informed the lady that he didn't know how to do that. I felt bad for him because he really wanted a Ninja Turtle prize but then they told him that that was fine he still got a prize and gave him a Ninja Turtle DVD. *laughing*

After that he was sad he didn't win more but it was only because he didn't get the whole pick a name get a prize thing. He thought because I put his name in the box that he would win everything. Once I explained it though he told me that was okay because he won really neat stuff. :)

During all this I let Big B go walk around the mall because I knew the poor guy was probably board stiff. When he came back he noticed how cute one of the dancers was and the two of them kept making eye contact. Hubba hubba. Oh and while Big B was walking the mall an old couple stopped him and asked if they could have their picture taken with him! LMAO. I can just hear the story now... "Oh you have to see this picture. When we went to the mall there in *insert city here* this boy with a mohawk came walking by. We just knew we had to ask if he would take his picture with us. It was such a sight! Look at that, a real mohawk!!". *snort*

After the event I took the little guy through Build A Bear where he decided he wants to go for his birthday and then we hit the Disney Store. He of course wanted one of everything and I of course could afford maybe one of something. So we settled for one of the 50% off Lightning McQueen lunch bags. lol.

Big B met up with us there and we walked down to the play area that they have in the middle for little kids. That place is the greatest because your kid can run around like a little heathen and you get to sit down on a cushy seat and just watch them go. It was like heaven to my aching body (my fibro and CMP is going to kick my ass tomorrow!). After 20 minutes there we left and came home where Lil Man got to show Daddy all the stuff he got and won and Mommy got to try to get her second wind so she could make Chicken Parmesan for dinner and now go get Sis from the party here in a few minutes. *raising eyebrow* Daddy is NOT on my happy list today!

All in all it was a great day with my boys and the fact that Big B actually helped with his little brother (there is 11 years between them) and seemed like he wanted to be there made it that much better. I am absolutely loving the homeschooled version of my oldest son. Watching him border between kid and man is an amazing journey and one I hope doesn't end (aka reaching adulthood) too soon.

Tomorrow the Pagan Pride Day festivities! Anyone have any really really good pain meds because I'm gonna need 'em! ;)

Also, be sure to visit Big B's Blog "They're Nuts, I'm Not!" (it's weird but I figure it's his outlet so I leave it alone. lol), Sis' Blog "Life According To Lil Blonde Girl", and one of my best friend's Connie and her blog "Chaos of Four". It's the first blog for all three of them and I'd like them to feel da love too. lol.


Anonymous said...

I will visit the other blogs...too cool. Glad you had fun at the mall...on a Saturday. You are brave.

cmurdie said...

Aww it was lil man's very lucky day :-)!! I'm glad he did get to go that day!! What did big bro say about having his picture taken with those people?? Did it shock him someone had asked?? And thank you very much for mentioning my blog, but you know you didn't have to :-)!!