Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Told Ya!

I told you they were little heathens! I finally had to put them all behind bars and show some tough love! That'll teach them to try to grab for my chocolate! ;)

No, seriously I thought I would try my hand at designing and while simple and nowhere near as gorgeous as the one Ro made me, it's not bad for a beginner eh? Don't worry though, I have saved the one that Ro made me and will be bringing it back. I'm just one of those ADD adults who has to have new things to look at constantly or I get bored. lol

So this is the debut of my three heathens' faces. This doesn't mean I will start posting regular pictures of them or anything but I asked their permission to use these and feel okay about doing so at present. Of course, if the person from Reston, Virginia doesn't let me know who they are here soon I may have to take them down as that person is creeping out a little.

These pics were taken during our "Poor Man's Vacation" to Durango, CO and Silverton, CO back in June. It is really beautiful there and I recommend Silverton to anyone who doesn't have adrenal insufficiency. If you do have it then be prepared to get sick as a dog going over the mountain (I sure as hell did and it didn't help that I have a severe fear of mountain roads with drop offs!) ! ;) There is an old jail that you can tour and take pictures inside the cells. Alot of great history there and I loved these pics of the kids.

Lil Man got to ride on Thomas The Tank Engine during Day Out With Thomas as well as do tons of other activities for free. I highly recommend taking your little train lover to it if it comes to your town. The price of the ticket is worth it once you see all the neat free stuff they get to do.

Enjoy and if you would like to read about our week last week then please visit our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe as I'm too lazy to post all that over again.


Anonymous said...

I love the look. I love the pictures...You did a gret job. Yay you.

Jo said...

Thanks Ladies. I know it's a little plain but I'm proud of it. After doing this though I have even more respect for people like Ro because I don't think I could handle making these things for a living! OY talk about work!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it! You did a nice job, just like a pro. I thought I was being stalked by someone in Reston, Virginia too. Turns out it's AOL users. Too much to explain but you can google it. That's what I did.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Jo!
I almost cried when I saw the photos. They are beautiful and I haven't seen any pictures in ages. I think it hit me most with the littlest. I can't believe he'll be four in two months!
I continue to pray for you all. People still ask me how you are and ask me to let you know they are praying too.
Oh - and happy birthday to your big girl!

Mom of All Seasons said...

Love the new look...but your oldest is looking a bit too comfortable there behind those bars. :-) Maybe he's just enjoying the time alone from the sibs?

Jo said...

Kate- I know our kids are just growing too fast! :( Tell everyone who asks thank you and that their thoughts and prayers are very welcome.

MOS- LOL, yeah the pic of my oldest scares me a little but that better be the closest he EVER gets to jail bars or mama will knock him out! ;)

Norm Deplume said...

Love the new look! Sorry I haven't checked in lately (after all, this 'new look' is almost 2 weeks old), better late than never, right?

butterfly cocoon said...

See, I knew there was something I was missing! Where did you find jails for your kids? I want some!