Tuesday, September 26, 2006

WTF? Wednesday

Okay I just HAD to play this week because I found this little gem on Amazon and couldn't help but share it. It is real and you really can order it off of Amazon.com . Now WHY you would order it from there and have to pay the shipping on it is beyond me but let's just ignore the fact that they are selling it altogether and focus on the reviews. Go ahead, read a few... I'll wait.

*checking hair*
*picking teeth*
*sniffing and wondering which of the kids passed gas*
*holding nose and thinking the heathens are nasty little buggers*

Okay are you done? I said read a FEW dammit not all of them!! Stop it! You can finish reading the reviews after you're done reading my post. That's a few less people on my Christmas list this year! hmmpph

Anyway, some of those reviews are funny as hell aren't they? I almost fell over when I read this one...

"The Day, September 18, 2006 Reviewer: A. Davis "Andy Davis"
The day I got this milk was a day I'll never forget. The UPS guy just hurled it out of his truck as he drove by. It smashed through my window and scared the [..] out of me, but it was the right choice, I think. It was like he was saying, "HEY! Wake up to the idea of this crazy MILK, man!" And boy was he right, if that is what he was saying. As it came through the window, it hit a table corner and burst open. I didn't even have to think--I dove right in, getting down on all fours and lapping up the gushing milk as it came flying out of the plastic remnants in great seizures of ecstatic goodness. It seemed like there was a lot of milk, and that it just kept coming, but that was probably just time slowing down. I also felt like I was being buffeted by some great force, but that turned out to be the neighborhood kids jostling me, as they too jockeyed for position, milk slamming into their eager faces. There really was a lot of milk, the more that I think about it. A really good bargain, even with the cost of delivery".

Okay so I honestly almost peed my pants and falling over was the least of my worries. I want to be that person when I grow up! Outstanding!

So there you go, my contribution to WTF Wednesdays. If you're lucky I might even do one of those Thursday Thirteen thingies. It depends on how much money just "happens" to show up in my paypal account by morning if ya know what I mean. ;) ;)

Enjoy folks and thank you for all the great comments about the new layout.


Anonymous said...

How frickin' funny! I'd love to order Milk online, does it get sour in transit? You could get two for the price of one...cream cheese too...Talk about lazy!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is hysterical! 799 people wrote a review! I don't know what is funnier; the people who were making a joke or the ones who seriously reviewed the milk. Some people have too much time on their hands!

Norm Deplume said...

Awww geez, Jo. I just spit coffee out my nose reading those! I really needed a laugh this morning. Thanks, lady!

Biscuit said...

Hey Girl! I finally got the correct blog blogrolled! What can I say...I'm a bonehead.

Scribbit said...

My sister was the one who told me Amazon is now selling food. I thought it odd too until she told me she's thrilled because she's got a child with Celiac disease (spelling?) who can't eat gluten and they sell gluten-free stuff with their free-shipping promo. But the milk . . . that's funny.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! LOVED the reviews - especially the one you put up here!!
Hey, thanks for the link! I have returned the favor, of course. The pics of your kids are excellent!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, as you know I've got your Heathen blog in my news reader. I came across all the new posts that I haven't read yet and saw the "WTF Wednesday" and about fell out of my chair laughing QUITE LOUD and HARD!! Then I saw the period awareness banner at the top and about peed my pants!! TOO DAMN FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

You really need to let the moderation of comments go. You would have MORE participation if you did. What do you wanna bet!? :D

Jo said...

Actually I was thinking about that earlier today. Someone had mentioned doing it on their blog and I thought it was worth a try but thanks for reminding me because I was off in lala land ordering free samples. LMAO!