Saturday, June 09, 2007

For You "Anti-Paid Post" Bitchers

People who are bitching about bloggers doing paid posts are really starting to piss me off!! The "Oh I don't do paid posts nope never will and refuse to read blogs that do" posts just plain suck! You know, it's really nice if you don't need extra money or if you are able to work a full time job out of the home or if you are one of the "elite" and get paid to blog by other means but that's not an option for everyone.

Some people have disorders, diseases, phobias, and restrictions that make working outside of the home hard but yet they still want to contribute somehow. You already feel pretty damn worthless when someone else is the only one paying all the bills. Doing paid posts is a way for some people to earn even a little extra money to help out.

For me, I would love to get a job out of the home but it's just not in the cards for me anytime soon. Our copays for medications alone (all of my meds most of which keep me alive and two children on Synthroid) average $150- $250 a month depending on whether or not I'm on something new for fibro pain, or something new for the nerve damage and pain, or it just happens to be a month I actually get to try a painkiller that might make things bareable. That's not including all the doctors' appointments I have every month with 4 different doctors (general doctor, oncologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and someone new tossed in every so often), radiology for scans three times a year, bloodwork monthly plus four times a year for the kids, and all the other "fun" shit we go through.

By doing paid posts I am finally able to aleviate some of the burden from my husband's back and say "I've got this one honey". That's a damn fine feeling and if your snotty "oh I won't read blogs with paid posts" asses can't understand that then I am very grateful that you will no longer read my blog! Off with you and don't let the URL hit ya in the ass on your way out!

Get off your high horses and get over yourselves! There isn't a damn one of you that I've seen so far who is all that important anywhere other than in your own minds whether you write on one blog or ten!

I'm glad you don't have to do paid posts because believe me, I'd really rather not have to myself but for right now I do. I work very hard to make sure my readers have more actual posts to read than sponsored posts. I try to give at least (if not more) two good posts for everyone one paid post because I do care about the people who are nice enough to keep coming back.

Now if you were talking about the blogs that are nothing but paid posts......those assholes irritate the shit out of me too! Pull up an email and we'll bitch about them together. ;)


Anonymous said...

I have been working full time online for the past 6 years. Paid blogging has really helped me increase my income over the past year. If it were not for the increaed income I would not be able to work from home.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep going.

One Wacky Mom said...

Jo, ignore whoever is saying that crap honey...ignore them...and I know I have a responsible thing on my blog..but that's not about you.. that's about those blogger who are whores....YOU ARE NOT A WHORE...YOU DO IT RESPONSIBLY.....YOU DO IT WITH STYLE, GRACE AND PANACHE.

Now, let me tell you something, there are people out there in the world that are small and ugly...ignore them sweetie! You are huge......and always will be

AJ said...

oh screw those people. Blogging is cool, but making money with it is cooler. I do paid posts and if people don't like it they don't have to go to my blog. I think you do a good job of mixing it up and your blog certainly isn't an annoying spam site. So don't trip... you are doing something to help yourself and your family and that is great! On top of all that you are a great person and that shows on your blog. Keep up the great work!

Jo said...

No one has said anything to me personally, I've just seen the bitching on sites while blog hopping at times.

I think I scare people too much for them to say anything to me. LOL.

As I said in my post, people like that can kiss my ass.

flutter said...

Dude, whatever. Judgmental assholes. God help them if they ever run into problems in their lives where they are scraping for pennies.

Your space, do what you want how you want. I'll always read it.

Admin said...

Hey, like Dr. Suess said, "The people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind." It's your blog and your life. I think your paid posts are interesting, just like the rest of your posts. You don't just throw a link out there in them. You tell us about whatever it is you're getting paid to tell us about. We can read it or not. People have to make a living.
Shine On Kiddo,

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for writing this post! I found it through TheGoodBlogs. I wrote about getting an email from a reader telling me that she was going to unsubscribe from my feed because of the paid posts. Now to be honest, it was getting out of control. I didn't have a good balance between paid and unpaid. I did appreciate her making me aware of it so I could fix it, but I think it sucks that someone would stop reading me because I'm trying to ease the burden on my husband as the only wage earner.

I have been a SAHM for eight and a half years, and it feels REALLY good to be able to tell my husband "I've got money in my account honey, I'll pay for this one". So I do it by accepting money to put URLs and anchor text into my blog posts, rather than by working in an office or at a cash register. So what?

I wish all the bitchers would click my ads and my donation buttons more, then I wouldn't have to write so many paid posts! Keep on keepin' on, you can bet I'll be back!

CyberPartyGal said...

I think it's lovely that bloggers get to earn some pocket money from writing sponsored posts. I actually do like reading sponsored posts because every writing has a different way of interpreting a product/serice.

Anonymous said...


Sadly, I had to stop the Paid Posts for a bit because of BlogHer ad rules. I'm developing a review only (not just paid) blog, but I have to wait a bit for it to be in place long enough to post entries there.

But I managed to actually *buy my husband a birthday present* with my PPP earnings!

Monster Mom said...

I've never tried PPP yet since I quit work. Maybe I should...
You go girl....

Jo said...

Flutter- Well it makes me very happy to know that you'll still read it. I honestly enjoy knowing people want to keep coming back. :)

Elisabeth- Yeah, if they'd just click ads and stuff we definately wouldn't need to do paid posts as much but since people don't then we do. I scanned your blog and your post was actually the last one I read before doing this post! LOL. The person you link to as respecting is definately one of the ones I'm talking about/to because her post royally pissed me off. I'm sure after the comment I just left the shit is going to be flying back and forth quite a bit unfortunately. Oh well, as both she and I know honesty means sometimes you piss people off. ;)

Rachel- I think that's the thing people don't understand and I know you have fibromyalgia too so working outside of the home even with just that is hard as hell but that doesn't mean we enjoy just sitting on our asses watching someone else do the work. I bet you're very proud of being able to buy your hubby a gift with money YOU earned and petty people shouldn't bitch about that.

Monster Mom- thank you for commenting and giving me a chance to read your blog in return. :) It's great and I'm still drooling over all the books!!

J. A. Blackburn said...

I couldn't agree more!! Well said, well said.

Anonymous said...

I've had a few people ask me about it, but for the most part the question is "how much are you making?"

For the most part the only ones I here bitching are the high profile bloggers that were already making quite a bit of affiliate money that feel we are cutting into their earnings.

If anything at all, my site has gotten more traffic and regular visitors over the last six months since I started doing paid posts than in the last few years combined.

Jo said...

AB- thanks for the comment and chance to read your blog again. I had read it a few days ago and then lost it but now it's found again! :)

Richard- "For the most part the only ones I here bitching are the high profile bloggers that were already making quite a bit of affiliate money that feel we are cutting into their earnings."

I think that is a HUGE part of it all for some of them. It's nice that they are paid by other means and companies but some of us weren't able to sit online, commenting on blogs alot, and building up a reputation over years so we could earn a few bucks.

I don't know about anyone else but I was too busy raising kids, homeschooling, and oh yeah there's that medical stuff too.

As long as there is something to bitch about people are going to do it. It's just human nature if you think about it.

Micki said...

Well said!

jafabrit said...

you have to do what you have to do. Don't think you should have to justify that. People are free to read or not read.

Karen Bodkin said...

Thing is, you directed me here. And what I have to say might surprise you: Blog for YOU. That's what I do. I have a very very good friend at, Elizabeth, who I adore - and she blogs for herself and does PPP. As her friend, I gotta accept that. It's all good - blog for YOU.

Jo said...

Karen- Just so you know, I directed you hear because I'm very forthright and honest so since your post was one of the ones I am/was talking about I'm not going to do it "behind your back" so to speak. I can honestly say I always blog for me and even when it's a paid post I truly try to still put some of myself into it.

BTW- just so you know, it wasn't just your post that set me off (it was the last one I read after Elizabeth's though. lol) but after reading some of the comments on your blog I will honestly say that is why I wrote this post.

I hope that everyone blogs for themselves because that is when we really feel good about it but I do feel that alot of the newer/not so sarcastic/not so tough bloggers are really hurt when people say they won't read their blog because of paid posts. I think advice will do more than making people feel like shit (not directed at you solely so please don't think so) for something.

As for me, I could give a rats ass but I think you are able to appreciate that from what I've read on your own blog.

Thank you for stopping by.

Crimson Wife said...

I'm sorry about your health issues and about the grief some people have given you over sponsored posts. While that's not a direction I've personally decided to take my own blog, I don't have any problem with other bloggers doing it so long as they are upfront about it. I generally skip sponsored posts but I wouldn't boycott a blog over them, that's lame IMHO!

Here via the Country Fair.