Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Very First Cease & Desist Email!!!

This isn't even a good Cease & Desist email but it's mine, she thinks I've earned it, and dammit I'm going to show it off! Dontcha wish your blog had one? It's sad what people will do when they can't bow other people.

I've removed her last name just to be nice. Since she posts it all over the internet and even on her own website I could post it but really, I am like le bored with this. Sending Cease & Desist letters for really no reason at all is when things become beyond childish.

What is it with people who want to cram things down your throat getting mad when you refuse to chew?? Had I just backed down and shook my head like a good girl I could have avoided this. Thank goodness I didn't do something stupid like that!!!! As far as I was concerned we were done yesterday. Oh well. *le sigh*

from Gayla _____ <>
to Jocoiner AT gmail DOT com (changed for spam reasons)
date Jun 16, 2007 6:10 AM

Cease and Desist

Dear Ms. Coiner ~
This is an order to cease and desist immediately. Legal and binding.

At no time in my posts did I ever link to you, insult you by name.

I have been informed by a couple of your readers (copies of your posts were emailed to me for my files as well as screenshots of the posts) that you are using my name and my website names on your blog.

Please be advised that if my name and my sites are not removed immediately I will take legal action. And if you believe this can't be done, do a search on blog comments lawsuits.

It's one thing to keep a pissing match in the comments where I link to my sites myself, but it's another for you to insult me by name within your posts and to do so repeatedly.

Please be so kind as to remove them at once or I will take legal action up to contacting the affiliates on your link with a formal complaint.

Believe me, I can and I will.

Gayla _______ (
again I'm being nice but it's not like she doesn't advertise her last name herself)


flutter said...

Uh, that's not really how that works....I love people who think they know the law

Anonymous said...

Oh congrats! Now she needs to find a life and possibly use word before she submits something like that with an extra powerful grammar checker! Obviously the woman doesn't like the fact you made her look foolish! Oh well such is life. Let her stew in her own mess!

Jo said...

Unfortunately for her, she posted my reply (it's really good go check it out!!!!) which is no biggier but she included MY full name PLUS she called me a cyber-stalker.

I really hate having to consider suing people. It's just retarded.

Meg_L said...

Boy, I don't read your blog for 2 1/2 days and look what I miss!

Meg_L said...

Hey!! I just figured out her problem!! She's from Indiana!! That explains it all!

Yeah, I'm into !!!! this evening.

Anonymous said...

Grr...I am new here and don't know who she is...but I want to!!!

Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Because we all know cease-and-desist letters and empty threats of lawsuits over a blog tiff is a great way to make yourself look rational, like someone whose arguments you should listen to, or like someone worth entering a conersation with.

Anonymous said...

As a cancer survivor I'm very surprised at your stance. Also, people that have HPV don't choose to contract it. The HPV vaccine is a lot more than the STD parts to HPV.

Jo said...

Angela- It's because I'm a cancer survivor and have cancer that I take the stance I do but it's also because I believe each person should choose what is best for them and their family. Not you or anyone else is going to tell me what to do. We have done an extremem amount of research on the HPV vaccine including talking to health professionals. There will be no regrets so don't fret.

For just as many resources that you can dig up for something I can dig up just as many against it and vice versa. There is no end and that is why the ONLY right choice is the choice we each make for ourselves.

I never said anyone chooses to contract HPV. Before you post a comment you might want to actually READ the posts (instead of just running over from another site) because if you had you would have not only seen that but also the fact that I have written two posts about more information on HPV from a woman and experts that are pro-vax explaining exactly how HPV is contracted and in what ways.

I know who you are, WHY you're here, and coming late to the party on her behalf is pretty much worthless at this point. You are close-minded on this issue so it really isn't worth discussing now is it? I fully respect the choice you have made and have never told anyone who has chosen to vax that they are wrong.

I only ask the same of others and those who can't respect that honestly just aren't even worth discussing much of anything with. It's one thing to have your views on something but it's another to stick your fingers in your ears and say "lalalalala I'm not listening".

I think GM and I wore each other out on this and you're a day late to the show hun.