Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wooden Thomas The Tank Engine Recall

List Of Engines And Accessories Recalled

I just wanted to post this real quick because I know many of us have children who own many of the trains listed. Luckily for us, we only had the Day Out With Thomas one.

See, even Thomas and his friends have it out for your kids!!! I always knew those trains were evil just look at Diesel 10. You can tell he's a major asshole in the morning! Hmmmmm I just noticed a striking resemblance to my husba.... anyway.

Never trust something that can talk without moving it's lips. *wink*

By the way, there are pictures of the recalled trains if you scroll to the bottom of the page in that recall link.


Dawn said...

:) I posted about this too. We had the musical caboose and it got shipped off this afternoon.

Have to defend Thomas though. As expensive as the engines are they sure last. My son is on the 3rd year of his obsession (although we only buy the engines and cars - track comes from no-name Walmart packs).

My sister calls them My Little Pony for boys.

Anonymous said...

All my kids are too grown for this toy but my grandson freaks out if he sees it in the store. So I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon! Thanks for sharing the info it's good to know!

David said...

Don't blame Thomas! Blame those pinko commies that made the trains and the fake Colgate and the bad pet food....
China hasn't gotten the memo; the cold war is over!

Jo said...

Dawn- like I said in my email, we've got a 3 year addiction going on here too that's why it's so evil!! lol

Kat- kind of scary isn't it? My youngest got his first Thomas at like 1 1/2years old and chewed on it all the time. I feel sick thinking about the kids that probably got sick doing the same.

David- WOW, I honestly did not know that. That is just wild!! I'm still saying Thomas is evil though. LOL