Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ever Seen A Ticked Off Amazon??

If not you will now! Sometimes blogsurfing can end up being a very BAD thing like when you come across some *edited so she won't cry* blog and they post something like this...

"And why shouldn’t we vaccinate our daughters?"

My comment pretty much states my thoughts. Now before anyone thinks this is another debate post about whether or not people should have their daughters get the HPV vaccine, please just know that it's not.

I'm a pretty easy going person. YOU do what YOU think is best for YOUR family and I will do what I think is best for MINE. It really is that easy. I have no right telling you what to do with your children and I wouldn't presume to know what is best for them. It's just not me and I deserve the same respect in return.

If you want to get the HPV vaccine for your daughter, *edited so she'll shut up*, then you go right ahead. More power to ya but I've chosen after much reading and research (least anyone think I just tossed a coin or some shit) to NOT have my daughter vaccinated. If at any time she comes to me and says she wants to get it then I will take her to have it done but it will be her decision. In this house we discuss pretty much everything so I have no doubt that she will let me know.

Whether or not she gets it now or when she's eighteen is her choice and a decision in OUR family so don't you dare fucking say I'll be "faced with having to tell their daughters they didn’t get them Vaccinated because… (insert pathetic lame excuse here)".

Pathetic lame excuse? Pull your head out of your ass lady because obviously it's up there pretty damn far! So just because I'm not running out and doing what YOU are then any reasons I will never have to give later will be pathetic lame excuses?

I'm usually pretty mellow and only save this for "special" people but here it is....

Go fuck yourself!


David said...

So, you don't want little ms. bloggy making decisions for your family? Why not, she has a customized template? LOL

I am taking this stupid Human Development class where it goes on rants about how the USA is the worst in the world because our policies allow people to make up their own minds.

I hate when the government gets involved in how I raise my kids. Virtually untested vaccines and mandatory preschools can go (well you already said it, so I won't).

Anonymous said...

People can be so arrogant with someone else's body, can't they!

It makes me glad:
1. I've got boys. Big sort of grown up ones. (Did I really say that?)
2. I live in Australia. It will probably be another 20 years before this even makes the news...

I don't like being held to ransom either...
More power to YOU!


One Wacky Mom said...

Jo, I don't know enough about the HPV vaccine. What is it? I haven't done any research on it. What are the side effects? What's the problem with it? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo ~ Sorry you took my post so personal. However, I only called the "excuses" lame because at the time all these parents are faced with the explaining part, they will feel very lame with all the wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda's.

Never did I insult you with name calling, nor will I.

I AM an STD Patient Advocate and have been for 10 years. I've seen FAR too many people diagnosed with herpes and HPV that WISH there was something.

So many (20,000 in my std support groups alone) have fought long and hard to bring this vaccine to the forefront so that others might not face what we have - Yes, I have HPV!

Until you've counseled with a 15 year old that suspects they have HPV or herpes and is scared to death tell, you can't say you know anything more than what you read.

I FEEL their pain! I've HEARD their cries and there's not a one that I know who won't rush in to get the vaccine. Because teens have sex, teens don't talk to their parents before they do and condoms are NOT going to protect them from this deadly possibility.

You're welcome to check out my credentials at

Dr. Ruth thought enough of my opinions that I've been included in her most recent book. So yes, I do know what I'm talking about and it's not just some flip of a shit coin for me either.

I'd kindly appreciate if you would refrain from calling me names directly. To insult my opinion is one thing, but to insult me is entirely another.

David, I'm impressed by the grown up response. Your parents must be very proud of what school is teaching you.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment there myself. I didn't realize it was you who had commented before me!

gah. hasn't she read the press about the deaths associated with the vaccine?

Parenting is all about making decisions. sometimes they are easy, and sometimes not. I wish the difficult choices ended with breast/bottle or cloth/disposable!htt

Jo said...

Gayla- in response to your comment, as I said my sister developed cervical cancer due to HPV. I DID hear her cries and feel her pain just as much as I could just like she did when I was diagnosed with adrenal and metastatic thyroid cancer. I wouldn't wish it on anyone BUT...

That does not mean YOU, Dr. Ruth, or anyone else has a right to say me, my daughter or anyone else is making the wrong choice for us and yes, that is exactly what your post was saying. I think you know that though don't you?

I honestly don't give a rat's ass if you and Dr. Ruth wrote books together much less if you've been included in her books or have credentials online, it doesn't impress me one bit. WHY? Because I've spent plenty of time around people who thought they knew it all or thought they were tops in their field and you know what? I've got the scars to prove they didn't know shit.

I'm glad you are an STD advocate because that is a great thing but that doesn't make your opinion and your way right.

Are you 100% absolutely without a doubt positive that this vaccine won't harm or even kill people? Here, I'll answer for, I'm sure you're not so what will YOUR pathetic lame excuse be when these women come to you down the road?? Your little comment can end up biting you on the ass as well.

That street goes two ways when it comes to vaccinations dear and there's nothing wrong with choosing to vax or not vax. Be an advocate for STDs but don't ever think you have the right to demean my daughter's choice or any other woman's.

I'm big enough to apologize for calling you an idiot but that's about it. Refrain from insulting you? Did you refrain from insulting the millions of girls and woman who aren't getting the HPV vax??

Anonymous said...

Good gracious. It's a families decision what they do. We have a twelve year old daughter who we decided to get vaccinated. HOWEVER - we asked her. We allowed the doctor to explain why it would be a good idea, and we researched why NOT to do it. We weighed the options as a family, and she decided to do it, and this is a kid who HATES, and I mean HATES shots.

We were proud of her, but we allowed her to make the decision ON HER OWN, we just helped inform her of both sides.

I really liked your post, and agreed with what you said. Your blog is great, and I will be back!

Jo said...

Nicole- THANK YOU and that is my exact point! You and your family made the best decision for you. Your daughter can take pride in that. That is how it should be and I would never EVER have the audacity to say that I wonder what pathetic lame excuses you're going to give your daughter when this vax ____________ insert whatever in the blank like Gayla did to those of us whose daughters aren't getting it.

Congratulations to your daughter for making the best choice for her and for having awesome parents that were open minded enough to give her both sides of the coin and help her. I truly think you rock!!!

Anonymous said...

First, congrats to the mom who talked with the daughter and made the informed decision.

You know what? Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20 and I'm saying that WHEN That time comes ANY excuse that is offered up while looking at your daughters face will seem lame. Period! How many times have we all said, I wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda?

Now as for the deaths? In all the years in all the testing there have been THREE after having received the vaccine. They died of blood clotting or heart problems and the deaths have NEVER been linked to Gardisil.

The HPV vaccines have been tested in females ages 9-26 years and boys age 9-15. There appear to be no serious side effects. The most common side effect is soreness at the injection site.

It has been determined that the protection rate is 5 years and they are researching the possible need for a booster to continue protection, but that's no different then other vaccines we have.

Addressing this topic with those who don't want to take this measure is like beating a dead horse.

I just truly hope that when my boys are old enough, they will be lucky enough to date a girl who has been vaccinated. They're already well aware of STD's and all the risks, so they're of to a good start :)

It's kind of funny really, because yesterday I emailed a fellow advocate. We both know any time we post anything regarding this vaccine that the traffic spikes tremendously.

If nothing else, it was a good boost to shed some light on the whole topic of STD's again.


Jo said...

Wow Gayla, I would think YOU of all people would have told my readers that the vaccine was tested on woman aged 16-26 NOT ages 9-26. The 9-12 year old statistics were based on bridging.

That's straight from the CDC by the way.

I also commented on your blog about the insignifigance of my cancer. WOW, I never would have said anything had I know that thyroid cancer was such an easy cancer compared to cervical cancer.

I take back my apology. You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I assumed you would lash out with yet another name calling episode. I'm guessing anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot. Correct?

You're acting childish, rude and down right mean spirited. It must be terrible to be so angry at the world.

I can only hope that my army is big enough to stand for whats going to protect the next generation so you won't have to watch your daughters suffer.

Continue to talk all you like. I'm done here with absolutely NO reason to return. You see, I'm not that kind of woman who gets pleasure from common cat fights.

Jo said...

Actually you are very wrong but thank you for assuming. I actually enjoy surrounding myself and talking to people who do not agree with me. It makes great conversation and in my opinion is the only true way to see both sides.

I actually had no problem with you being for the HPV vaccination either. That didn't bother me a bit but assuming that I or anyone else will most definately (as your follow up comments imply) regret our decision and have to make "pathetic lame excuses" is as you say childish, rude, and down right mean-spirited. I would NEVER say that to another person just because they didn't choose what I did. Let me guess, you making your original comment or having the audacity to insinuate that thyroid cancer is nothing compared to cervical cancer isn't mean-spirited though right?

You honestly don't want me to tell you where you and your "army" can go at this point. lady, and that's not being childish it's called blunt raw honesty. You gather your army. My daughter will be over with the other people who are doing just fine in spite of people like you.

Angry at the world? See now THIS is what is sad. I at least had the decency to read more of your blog, your about page, and your other blog before I even wrote my first comment to you. YOU on the other hand I would bet haven't read anything about me or mine. Angry at the world? Yeah, I can tell by your comments that it MUST just be ME who is angry. I'd roll my eyes but it's really starting to give me a headache.

I don't do cat fights but I'm guessing that's what you call it anytime someone doesn't agree with you and says so right? That finger goes both ways when pointing.

The difference between you and I is you use alot of ASSumptions where I am only strictly responding to what you have posted.

I have no plan of visiting your blog again but you have just impressed me so very much that it has started a whole other post about you. There is a first for everything I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda annoyed by Gayla's comment:Now as for the deaths? In all the years in all the testing there have been THREE after having received the vaccine. They died of blood clotting or heart problems and the deaths have NEVER been linked to Gardisil. and if she's going by the governments number's on this then she's more of an idiot than what you and I thought, since the government never gives the facts till it's way to late. As for being a mother of 4, it's MY choice not any socialite wannabe telling me what I should and should not do.

Jo said...

Careful everyone or she'll send YOU a cease and desist email too! LOL

Erin said...

"Only" 3 deaths and THOUSANDS of adverse reactions and hospitalizations. Sounds like a picnic. Teach them to protect themselves. Use condoms, don't sleep around, get a yearly exam for fucks sake.