Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'd Like To Thank My Loyal Fans...

*snort* I'm starting to think I enjoy coming up with titles more than the posts themselves. lol

Anywho- I was going to post my last six thinking blogger awards today but when I opened my email I saw that I had received two more awards so I want to take this post to acknowledge and thank Christy from Christy's Coffee Break & Writer's Review and Janice from Twist & Skewer.

Christy awarded me her very new "Courageous Blogger" Award. See....

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Janice awarded me the "Blogging Community Involvement" Award or affectionately known as the "Schmoozer's Award". lol

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So I guess that makes me a rocking, thinking, schmoozing, courageous friend right? :) I just want everyone to know that I appreciate all these blog awards. It's nice to know that people read and think so highly of me. I enjoy getting know each and every one of you more than you know.

This means that after I post the thinking blogger awards I get to start thinking about who to give these out to as well. LMAO. I'm not complaining though, this is fun.


Christy said...

That's awesome, congratulations on all of your awards!! Holy Wow!! :)

Anonymous said...

Totally deserve 'em!!!!

Admin said...

I think you deserve an award for just hanging in there and managing to be funny, sassy, caring and positive, Jo. If I had to deal with what you've had to deal with, I think I'd crawl inside a bottle of wine and stay there.

Shine On,

David said...

Wow, your like so popular! ;) LOL.

Congrats. Your posts are just fun to read!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your awards!