Friday, July 06, 2007

Umm, More Awards To Give?

*Will the person from Kentucky who keeps googling and searching this blog for Kirk Coiner please email me if you would like more information. Fifteen visits in one week is a little much. Thanks*

Okay so I've exhausted all the cutesie ass titles when giving awards. Sorry, suck it up, you're still getting an award ya weiners! *wink*

Anywho- here are the last 6 Thinking Blogger awards I have to give out. Remember, I'm just trying to give them to people that I don't think have received one yet. Otherwise I'd be giving out about 30 of these damn things! :) Again with the rules...

Here's how the Thinking Blog Awards work - These are Ilker's Rules:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. (I'm breaking this rule and giving out 6 because there are many who make me think)
2. Link to this post so everyone can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.
You can find the thinking blogger award in my lefthand sidebar. Just right click and save to your computer. I don't have the silver one I'm afraid but if anyone would rather have that one let me know and I'll find it for you. :)

Janice at Twist & Skewer- You are an amazing blogger that I have "met" recently and I'm very glad to know you. You are so strong and I learn something everytime I read your blog. I look forward to knowing you for a very long time. Thank you for being willing to share not only your knowledge but your pain as well with your readers. I for one greatly appreciate you.

Rachel at Our Gaggle of Girls- While I'd never wish fibro on anyone else I'm glad to know you because your spirit and fight encourages me to go on during the days I just want to lie in bed and cry. I always look forward to the days when you are not in the red zone and having a nice time with your family. It gives me hope and reminds me that I have fibro but it doesn't have me. Thank you for that.

Kat at Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm- I think you were one of the very first bloggers I ever linked to and that linked to me. I'm so glad too because your posts are always funny, thought provoking, sarcastic as hell, and honest. I'm sorry I don't comment that often but just know I read all the time and it's probably a good thing we don't live close to each other because we would probably get in all kinds of trouble! ;)

Sam at No School, Just Learning- You are so awesome but I think you already know that. You were among the first homeschooling bloggers I read at a time when I wasn't sure I could do this. Reading your blog helped calm me down and let me know that it can be done. Thank you for that. You have the perfect combination of life, humor, sarcasm, fun, and learning on your blog and it's always a great read. Heck, you even make beer sound good!!! lol.

Katie at Divinely Crafty- You are a daily reminder of how thankful I am for Amitys and I'm so glad I know you. Of course, you had to go hop across the pond on me but your personality makes it feel like you are just down the street. You're another fibro mama that I look up to and who reminds me that the pain hurts but life still goes on. You keep me from feeling sorry for myself and for that I thank you. I am so proud of all you have accomplished in England and in your life, period. I look forward to many more years of knowing you girl.

Lill at News From Hawkhill Acres- You are just too cool for words. Your blog honestly mellows me out (no clue why but you're not boring dear don't worry. lol) and it's where I read when all I want to do is smack the hubby guy in the head with a frying pan. You have saved that man's life soooooooooo many times! ;) I enjoy hearing about your life in Maine and you always link to really great blogs that I might not find otherwise. Thank you for always commenting on my blog and encouraging me.

And now I'm done with the thinking blogger awards and can move on to the friendship rose, the courageous blogger award, and the schmooze award. I think ya'll are doing this on purpose to keep me from posting a real post. It's like handing a breathmint instead of telling me my breath is funky isn't it? Hmmm?

Chickens! ;) lmao Much love to all of you.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you gave one of the awards to Rachel, she really deserves it! Which reminds me, I got one from my friend Carmen and haven't given out mine yet.

P.S. I tagged you for a meme, the rules are at Table for Five-thanks ;)

Crazed Nitwit said...

I'm not rotten, I'm funny! We all used to be able to........everything when we were younger! I have been checking out your Cancer is the Easy Part. Very interesting. You have something I have never heard of. As I've taken 4 qrts of anatomy and physiology and am a true medical geek I am stunned I don't know everything.

Love ya and hugs!!!