Thursday, August 09, 2007

Go Look!!

Before I run off to bed I just wanted to tell you guys to head over to our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe Homeschooling- and tell me what you think of my very first book review for Mother Talk. I'm very excited to be a part of Mother Talk and this is probably one of my new favorite things I enjoy about blogging. I love to read, I horde books like I own a library, and now I get to right reviews on books. It gets no better I tell you.

I didn't make it to my doctor's appointment yesterday because I've recently been hit by a horrid case of nausea at different times of the day (definately not morning chance at all) and yesterday it was joined by such awful vertigo-like dizziness that my eyes were actually crossing! I had to laugh because you know that shit has got to look funny! My oldest darling son helped me to the couch though and then sat to talk with me for two hours while I couldn't move. My kids are so great and so easy to love. *sigh*

Thanks to this nausea/dizzy crap I had to let Onorach and Sona Creidhe Reviews fall by the way side this week. Nice way to start new blogs I know but if I have to choose, LWH is my baby and it comes first on the blog list. :) I'm going to work hard on both blogs this weekend so that doesn't happen again anytime soon so stay tuned to them.

Besides all the stupid crap in the last two paragraphs it has actually been a pretty good week. I have started receiving alot of the stuff I won from the A Girl's Gotta Spa's "Mom: Get Glamorous" contest. I plan on doing a full post solely about all the great stuff I won by the weekend. You can find the list of great products included in the prize package here. Talk about feeling like a queen!

Goodnight my friends and thank you for all you do and all you are. I for one greatly appreciate you.


jafabrit said...

Hope you are feeling better now. It is such a bore when health issues intrude and stop us from doing what we want :(

Some days my back is fine, others the pain (even with pain killers) stops me in my tracks.

Summer said...

I hope you are feeling better now. That just sounds aweful. (((HUGS)))

Suburban Correspondent said...

The nausea may have been related to the vertigo. Often, your balance is slightly off and your eyes and inner ear are working frantically to compensate, which can produce the nausea (like motion sickness) before the vertigo gets bad enough to notice. That's what seems to happen in my case sometimes.

Shannon Nelson said...

Hope you feel better. Just breathe in the Blue Hawaii Sugar Polish and you will feel better instantly. :) Your skin will feel like a baby's newborn bottom after you use the inSpa Pore Purifying Masque. :)

I'm glad everything arrived--now its playtime. I'm sure you will have a blast trying everything out.

Anonymous said...

Jafa & Summer- thanks ladies, I'm feeling much better today thankfully.

SC- Thank you for your input. I didn't even think about the vertigo causing the nausea. Instead I was thinking the nausea was causing the vertigo. Do you get vertigo often? This was the first time for me and all I could think was WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?! lol

Shannon- oh girl, I have already informed the kids that here in about half an hour I'm taking a nice long pampering bath and using my new stuff so if they interrupt me they will be fed to the lions. I don't have lions but I'm sure I can sneak into the zoo easily enough. I'm ninja like that! LMAO. Again, thank you.