Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Little MeMe Catch-Up

aka Jo is being a lazy ass today. :) I'm way behind on things like giving awards and doing memes that people have tagged me for so I figured today I would do a meme or two and whatever else I feel like doing? Why? Because I don't feel like using my brain today! I'm pukey and grumpy so fuck brilliant posting! LMAO. Okay here ya go...

Tuesday Twosome is one of those simple yet interesting memes you come across every once in awhile that actually tells others about you. Is it stuff you care to know about me? I don't know but this is MY blog dammit so you're stuck with it! HA!

You can find Tuesday Twosome hosted every week on their site so if you ever feel like giving it a go they are easy to find. Here is this week's "twos" and the theme is 'Had to get away...'

Two places you go to for relaxation (spa, beach, etc.): Does hiding in the closet count? No? Damn. Well I guess that leaves walking to the park and reading on the couch. I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to relax or where to go if someone smacked me in the head with an idea.

Two activities you do to relax: Read books and write. Shocking I know. You would have never guessed that huh? *snort*

Two people who are able to calm you when you are stressed-out: My best friend Carrie (she refuses to get a blog damn her!) and my kids believe it or not.

Two songs that always make you feel better: Stand by Rascal Flatts and Anything For Love by Meatloaf.

Two people/pets that you miss the most when you go on vacation/holiday: Ummmm I've never been on vacation/holiday. Pathetic I know. Part of the reason I haven't though is because I would miss my kids too much. As for pets, I'm just not a "pets" kinda gal.

Okay what else? Janice at Twist & Skewer tagged me almost a month ago for her Don't You Just Hate It When.... meme so I want to make sure I get it done before she calls and threatens me again. You should hear her, she's a fiery little bitch! HAHAHA! She knows I adore her.

Here are about as close to rules as Janice got... "Don't you just hate it when...? This can include short term annoyances to major smoke comes out of your head rants. That will be up to you".

DYJHIW... You just get into doing some really good writing and feel like you are accomplishing something and suddenly hear "Mommyyyyyy wipe my bummyyyyy"?

DYJHIW... You are a severe soda addict, you live 20 minutes outside of town, and you run out of Wild Cherry Pepsi? Even if I didn't hate it my family considers it Hell on Earth?

DYJHIW... You have worked for 16 years to make sure your oldest son feels comfortable coming to talk to you about sex and you actually succeed? Yeah, being open was a GREAT idea. I never expected to be the parent sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting "Lalalalalala".

DYJHIW... You reach the bitchy crabby stage in your life where you realize your "ideal man" is gay, has great interior design taste, would love nothing more than to stare at the pool boy with you, and just wants to use you as a cover story? Yeah, I don't hate that either. AHAHA!!

DYJHIW... Some damn woman tags you for a meme when she knows you hate the things? lol.

DYJHIW... Your husband calls you constantly and you know he does it because it's one of the few ways he knows how to show he loves you but you're just not a "oh honey I'm insecure so call me 10 times a day I insist" kinda gal? I love you but quit calling all the time dammit! Call your mom more often or call my sister. That way I don't have to!

Well that's all ya get for today. I'm tired, cranky, achy, and I've got a game to review so I am going to go play with the kids. Make sure you check over at our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe- tomorrow for my very first book review for MotherTalk. I'm excited to have joined them. So much so that I'm signed up for about 5 more book reviews from now until January!! *using my best Renee Zellwigger in Jerry McQuire voice* They had me at "keep the book". They had me at "keep the book". hehe

By the way- NONE of your asses sent me a question for Dear Onny today!! What the hell do I pay you people for??!! Oh... yeah... about that bounced check. ;)


Jenny said...

Had to snicker about Meatloaf! Something about him just gets me! lol!! I need to check out Mother Talks...is that it? Free books sounds good to me. I review books for Christian Fiction Blog Alliance but would love to review others too...and sorry you didn't get a question...I'll have to work on one for ya...and I'll do it for free 'cause I heard your checks bounce! lol!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Um...so what exactly did your son want to talk to you about? Inquiring minds want to know...

Crazed Nitwit said...

DYJHIW your "friend" disses ya all over her blog? A-HEM!

David said...

Dear Onny, Why homeschooling?

Go ahead and tweak the date so you publish the answer on "Tuesday" Years from now when you are a multi gazillionaire from the syndication of Dear Onny it will come to light as a scandal that you messed with the time stamp. Think of the fun!

Andrea R said...

Dear Onny;

My 6yo daughter want spink hair. WHAT DO I DO?

(FWIW, I know my answer already. :D )

Andrea R said...

Friggin' typos.. that's PINK hair. Not spink. Dunno what color that is.

Anonymous said...

EWWW a crush on Zac Efron GROSS! Im sure if I was 17 though Id be yanking my mom to ever place he was though! Oh gosh I remember those tiger beat days! Seems weird that this craze is going on though, I cant wait for the premiere so the kids get off my back! My 4 year old already says he is asking santa for the dvd, Im sure it will be out by christmas!

kellypea said...

Now this is my kind of meme to read. You're almost as big a smart ass as I am and I LOVE it! Sorry to hear you're sore, cranky, etc.

And you actually know a Meatloaf song? Really?

Julie Pippert said...

Read books and write! You are singing my song. I actually really like reading memes. I think the insight, stories, etc.

Ravin' Picture Maven

Lyn Lomasi said...

I love your stuff. You are TOO funny. LOL I wish I could add you to my blogroll but I have to keep it g-rated. :(

You will definitely be in my internet favorites, though. :-)

My "better-than-my-blog"Page

Crazed Nitwit said...

Check out my blog post for 8-9-07. Surprise.

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Yes it's mother-talk.com and make sure you check it out! You heard about the checks bouncing thing eh? Damn, I really WILL have to kill the messenger. The loud mouthed bitch! hehe

SC- Sex and not just birds and bees but everything my husband should be talking to him about! Damn men, I swear I do fine as a single mom! lol

Janice- LMFAO, oh that made me laugh hard girl. You know I luv ya so it's all good right? hehe

David- like I said in email, I almost made it on Tuesday to post but that wicked dizzy almost fainting thing put a stop to that! lol. Now I know what it feels like to be a dizzy blonde! HA!. I will be answering your question and Andrea's either this weekend or on Tuesdays so stay tuned.

Andrea- 6? Oh how fun!! My almost 13yo daughter wants pink stripes. The free side of me is saying wth and the mommy side of me is holding back. Need to kick mommy side's ass. LOL

Deb- oh man, even your 4yo? I'm beginning to think HSM is evil! Evil I tell you! lmao. I walk into my daughter's room and Zac is staring back at me from the wall with his fake bake tan. Ewww

Kelly- I have no doubt we would probably feed off each other and fuel the smartass side of ourselves if we ever hung out. hehe. I'm one of those sickos that find sarcasm to be a GOOD quality. Oh and I know more than one Meatloaf song... I know all but two. Sad I know. I think I've been listening to him for 16 years or so now.

Julie- reading and writing... it's just as neccessary to me as breathing. Actually, sometimes I can hold my breath for awhile and still be okay but lock me in a room without a single book or paper and I'd probably go Rambo on a person's ass! HA!

M2L- lol I totally understand. I do have our homeschooling blog if you'd like to add that instead- http://sonacreidhe.blogspot.com ;) I'm flattered though that you're saving my site and I'm glad I can make you laugh. That's the whole reason I share my twisted thoughts!

Janice- Love you girl!