Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Should Just Install A Zipper

Well the results of my neck ultrasound came back and while the good news is that we don't see any new cancerous lymph nodes, the bad news is that I do have a lymph node that is pressing on my carotid artery. What does this mean? Well it means I get to have my neck opened up again to have that lymph node taken out.

Another awful scar on my neck.

Where everyone can stare at me even more.

And I can feel even more hideous.


I'm not taking this very well right now to be honest. It's an easy surgery so there's no worry there, it's just not what I was hoping for. I guess I was hoping to hear that I just had a swollen node, take antibiotics, it will go down, and done deal. I should have known better because is it EVER that easy with me?

Maybe I should just have them install a zipper in my neck and that way anytime we need to go in there we can just unzip it, take out what's bad, and zip it back up. I wonder if I could get one of those clear zippers. Hmmmmm. The possibilities are endless I tell you!

Okay so I'm trying to joke my way through this. Just bare with me alright?

Anyway- please let me know what you think of my What Mothers Do book review (because I feel it's one of my best yet). Thanks


Anonymous said...

I am glad there aren't any new cancerous lymph nodes. But it is still sucky news. I am glad it will be an easy surgery but it would have been much better (and easier) to just take some pills and that would be that.


Going to check out your review now...

Anonymous said...

You should mention the zipper idea to your doctor. Or a plastic surgeon! Or maybe they can do velcro, so you won't have to worry about catching any skin in the zipper's teeth...

But on a more serious note, Jo. Glad it isn't any new cancerous nodes. And as for another scar, don't let that bring you down. View each scar as a notch on your survivor belt. Another tick for fighting the good fight and all that. Okay, if you're not buying that (which you should)... then think of it as a diamond with a small flaw or two. Or better yet, one of those gorgeous oriental rugs that has one intentional flaw in it because nothing is perfect.

If all that fails, make hubby buy you a diamond choker. :)

Anonymous said...

Well...yuck and Yay!! I hate that you're going to have to have more surgery...that's tough I know. And I agree with Andrew...embrace those scars for they are the marks of a true survivor...

Julie Pippert said...

Just (HUGS).

I'm sorry this means surgery.

I am glad it's not cancer.

(I have begun a new adrenal support med and I feel like a new person. NORMAL tiredness, and enough energy to DO THINGS like make dinner. Also, we stopped the cabergoline. Other than affecting the prolactin levels properly? It was doing more harm than good.)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say good luck with the surgery. I'm glad it's not new cancer, but I'm sorry you'll have to go through surgery again. I wish I could come there and help out! I'll be thinking about you, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Jo, while I am extremely sorry about the lymph node, I am thankful that there are no cancerous ones.

Don't let the scar get to you, you will be beautiful no matter what. You are an amazing upbeat woman who I both admire and care about.

I know you don't pray, but you're getting some from me anyway ;)

Oh, and a few virtual hugs too!