Thursday, May 29, 2008

About A BOY...Kirk Coiner Is Still A Deadbeat

Yes, I'm such a "bitch" that I'm making sure no one forgets that Kirk Coiner is a deadbeat who owes over $20,000 in back child support for his son who is now 17 years old. Oh and even though Kirk Coiner has our mailing address he sent his son NOTHING again for his birthday this year. No card, no gift, no get fucked I don't give a shit....nothing. Nice.

Kirk Coiner can take hunting trips, fishing trips, etc but he can't pay steady support. Kirk Coiner can afford internet service (he was on MySpace last night AND today) but he can't pay support OR send his kid a card for his birthday. Way to be a man there.

The reason I keep making these posts by the way is because they show up on a Google search and since I leave the MySpace profile and blog open, anyone who is considering hiring Kirk Coiner or anything else can read all about him. Oh and no, Lacey, him getting a job does not mean support for me. It just means more money for him because he doesn't use any of it on his son so I really don't give a shit if I screw up his chance at some job.

I also do it because I'm tired of deadbeat dads who go on with their lives never helping their kids or taking care of them. Then they get with these stupid women who don't blame their husbands for being deadbeats but blame the MOTHER because she just wants help raising her child. Yes, to these women it's our fault that their husband is a deadbeat asshole. It's our fault we just want said deadbeat to help raise his child. In their eyes we should just leave the deadbeat alone and let him live his life.


Kirk Coiner's wife is like this. She throws a fit if her child support for her three kids is even a little late and even took her ex to court demanding her money but I'M a bitch for wanting the same thing. Anyone else think this is pretty fucking stupid?

I guess I don't get this kind of thinking because there are times I even write the checks for my husband's child support to his ex. That's money we could surely use BUT it's also money he owes to help raise his daughter.

That's what a DECENT person does. That's what someone who isn't SELFISH does. That's what someone who is RESPONSIBLE does. They don't fucking whine because the money isn't going to their own children.

Yeah Lacey Coiner, I'm talking to you. And if you two think you deserve a pat on the back for ALMOST paying a full child support payment almost two months ago...think again. I'll pat you on the back when something like that happens more than once a YEAR!

*by the way, I typed out "Kirk Coiner" so many times because I would hate for Google to get lost.



Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be too tough to organize a Kirk Coiner blog swarm. Heh heh.

Angie Lee said...

I'm a bitch, too, because I raise and support my two stepchildren while their mother prostitutes herself for all the goodies her own children are denied because I can't afford them, but she can't provide them either (it might eat into HER money for cameras, TVs, computers, RENT CHECKS, etc.). Best part is, she wasn't ordered to pay support since she's "disabled" and collecting Social Security. The kids get a benefit under her record, and she managed to finagle half of THAT for herself, too, in the court order.

Summer said...

You know this post made me go google Kirk Coiner just to see what Kirk Coiner would bring up. :)

Anonymous said...

Kirk Coiner is a deadbeat and he knows it.

I LOVE this post. You are my kinda lady. NO holds barred.

That's right. Put his ass on blast. :)

Anonymous said...

Jo, I'm dealing with the EXACT same thing! My son is 16 as well. He has never received a card for his birthday or holidays. The sperm donor has hidden for many years. We found him this year and his new wife (he's on wife #2 since he left) has determined that he should NOT pay child support. However, she receives $350 per week in child support for HER two children.

WTF is wrong with women? How could they not only ALLOW but ENCOURAGE their spouses to NOT support an innocent child? When will they WAKE UP?????

Anonymous said...

Doc- you're so evil, damn I'm in love! ;) Well if I have people go after him it could be viewed badly BUT if you just happened to post something like...

"To read about a really pathetic deadbeat dad named Kirk Coiner go HERE" with the links then I really couldn't say as that's bad. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Just make sure you let me know so I can come read it and laugh. hehe

Allee- yeah the whoremother really is worthless. I still can't believe the shit she pulls. I NEED an update from you girlie. Love ya.

Summer- cool isn't it? LMAO

Tanyetta- he's thought I'm a bitch from the moment he got with Wifey 3 but I've only recently been showing him just how much of one I can be. He seems to think he should be allowed to NOT pay child support on his kids since he willingly has nothing to do with them. Dumbass!

Patty- I think it's funny knowing there are other sites out there that show people these deadbeat's lies. Your site makes me giggle everytime I visit. LOL

Anonymous said...

Classy as ever! Keep up the good writing. Dead beat dad's need to get kicked in the teeth and vasectomy on first late payment! Of course with no anesthesia! Been in your shoes, wish I had the net back then like you!

Anonymous said...

lmao...this is great. WTG getting the word out :)