Monday, October 24, 2005

We're Off To See The Wizard.

Okay so we're not REALLY off to see the wizard but we are off as in ready to move. The house is almost completely packed up and we get the truck tomorrow so we can start packing it. Everyone is getting excited and I think we're all ready for this.

As of today we are eating the gourmet meals (aka microwaveable) off the fine china (aka paper plates, cups, and plasticware) and using our best napkins (yep, that would be the papertowels). We figured that once the kitchen is clean we want it to stay that way so no using the stove or oven. Besides, I packed all the pots and pans last night. :D

Moving with this family scares me. The last time we moved from one state to another was pure hell. Vin was a bear, I had a 6 month old that screamed bloody murder half the way, and two other kids that complained constantly about how bored they were. I was ready to leave them all in Alabama at one point but of course I couldn't.

This time it will be an almost 3 year old, a teenager, and a preteen. Oh yeah, and Vin again. ;) So that will be one bear who feels we're going to slow, a preschooler who wants out of his seat and doesn't get why we are holding him hostage, a preteen who will keep complaining she's bored, and a teenager who will tell me what hell it is traveling with dad in the moving truck everytime we stop. Me? I'll be the one driving the van and wishing I had Valium.

So if you see a woman in a minivan with a frazzled look on her face and bags under her eyes, try to smile and give her a thumbs up. Why? Because it will most likely be ME and I'll be plotting the best way to leave them all in Alabama again... even though we're not even going through Alabama. Your smile and thumbs up might be the only thing that saves my sanity or at least what little I will have left. ;)

See you on the other side.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

We Like To Move It Move It!

Sorry, that's one of A-man's fave songs and it was what entered my mind. lol

Well we are on the move yet again. Vin got a transfer and we are moving to another state on October 27th. Things are obviously a whirlwind around here and we're trying to figure out how to make this move fairly easy on us for once. I don't see that happening but it's always nice to hope. ;) Vin's company isn't paying for relocation, travel, and they also aren't paying him at all for the entire week of work he will miss. This part royally sucks because that is a week's pay we will be out. The new place wants him to start on a Monday. We won't get to the new place until Sunday (we are NOT going to rush ourselves this time) night and there is just no way Vin can start first thing Monday morning so that means he will have to wait an entire week before he can start the new job. This job here says he will be off their books as of October 27th. New place says he won't be ON their books until November 7th. So the week in between we will be floating and paycheck-less.

Vin's mom is helping us however she can and trying to help Vin sort through ideas and plans. Honestly, I'm glad in part because he's already driving me loony as it is. As if a person couldn't tell by the fact that I am posting this at 4am. I haven't been to bed yet. Today is going to suck. lol.

Other news- Big B's donor appealed his child support decision. He felt that it's more important for him to support his STEPchildren and wifey number THREE than it is to take care of his blood children. His name is Kirk Coiner and he lives in Oregon by the way. Feel free to flip him off if you ever see him. Oh and yes, he really did tell a judge that it was unfair that he has to pay the set amount of child support when he has to support his stepchildren, his wife isn't working, and there is nothing left over for him making it worth his time. Nice guy eh? Not only can he ditch his kid but he can try to make him feel even shittier by letting him know that ANYONE ELSE matters more than him. Asshole!

Sis is a big help as always with Lil Man although we butt heads over her trying to be the mommy too much sometimes. If she ever has children (if MEN2a has a cure by it's time for adulthood) or adopts you can bet I'm paying her back for that one. *snicker*

Oh and her donor is worthless too and did his best to screw up her birthday. I'll fill ya in on that one later as well.

Lil Man is forever Lil Man. Our little paleontologist is still learning more and more about dinosaurs everyday. He will even tell you that the T-Rex lived during the "crutaceous time". Blew me away lemme tell ya! I think he's all that keeps the rest of us sane sometimes. He's the laugh we all need when the life is just being sucked out of us. The older two are great with him and I'm always so proud of how much they love him. At least we're doing something right for once.

Off to catch up one of the other blogs. Sleep it seems has evaded me for tonight. Oh well, in three more hours I can just take the high schooler to school and then take a short nap before the other two wake up.