Monday, May 08, 2006

The Skinny On Unskinny Me

Okay so I'll admit it, my little feelers were hurt and I threw a tantrum. It happens to the best of us. I wanted a job that I didn't get plus I was reading too many of those "mommy" blogs thinking to myself "Dude, I SUCK!!!" and that happens too. Then of course, I got over it and picked myself back up. How you might ask? Well let me tell you oh wonderfully loyal reader...

First I threw rocks at their "club" house. Then I tripped a few people as they passed on their way to their new jobs. Finally I found myself a few other jobs and then went back to their "club" house and stuck my tongue out at them all! :)

Granted, they all mooned me and yelled "We're getting paid and you're not!" but I still feel pretty good. Of course, if they ever invite me into their clubhouse I am climbing up the ladder faster than Anna Nicole Smith can pork an old guy! I might be bitter but I am not stupid! ;)

Anyway, I'm done pouting and whining and will just go back to doing what I do best... being me. I'm done falling into the trap of wanting to be like mommy bloggers and I see no reason not to write about what I know, which is real life. That's not to say that other people don't write about real life but come on, how damn perfect do you expect us to believe you are? Does Stepford Wives ring a bell at all? That's to no one specific by the way.

So I still have my writing gig at DotMoms up to twice a month, my articles on Amitymama, and the blogs of course. I think that is quite a bit to be proud of and I am.

I'm also working on a few articles for homeschooling magazines, a children's book, and looking forward to returning to school in the fall. Life is good even if I'm not getting paid a single damn dime for any of it! I guess that makes me a cheap date eh? LOL

To top it all off I've found a homeschool group to take the kids to that I absolutely love! It's so relaxing knowing that I'm going to a group that I feel so comfortable with. Our original group has always been nice to be but I have a feeling that this is the one I'm meant to be at. If Meg wasn't leaving I would kidnap her ass and take her to the group with me. :)

Take care and thanks for all the kind words. The funk is over and not only am I back but my "Evil Self" is too. *wink wink nudge nudge*

UPDATE!- Add Story From The Heart on ClubMom to the list. I just received the email saying I was published. Granted it's not a feature article or a blog but it's nice to see something I wrote up on the screen. :)


Frankie said...

Ah, don't you know that all those stepford moms aren't really stepford moms? They (me included) just write
about the good stuff. Don't compare yourself with "them."

What you do, albeit unpaid, exhausts me! How do you have time? I'm anxious to go reading the links you provided!

momof3feistykids said...

Congratulations on the article at Club Mom. I look forward to reading it. I am impressed with how hard you're working at your writing. By all means do NOT try to be like anyone else, you are an original. ;-) S

Jessica said...

I am so proud of you Jo..I love to read your writings!

Jo said...

Thanks ladies. Frankie- even though you write about the good stuff I can STILL tell that you are a normal person. Some of those others...that shit just ain't normal I tell ya! LOL

Meg- I've lured you to the Dark Side haven't I? I think you should stay for another month. :)

Steph- thank you for always reading my blogs. It honestly warms my heart to know I have people who read regularly.

Jess- you know you're my Mormon Puddin' Pop girl! ;)

contemplator said...

Don't change your style!! What would we ever have to talk about whilst sipping drinks on your virtual back porch?