Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The French- Love Me Or Hate Me?

When I checked my statcounter this morning I couldn't help but almost fall over laughing. The things people Google bringing them to my blog are usually somewhat funny and sometimes a little scary but this entry from yesterday took the cake.

A visitor from France found me by Googling "jo selfish heathens blog". *falling over in a fit of laughter* Yes, that's right I am Jo Selfish Heathens Blog. I'm a little lost on the selfish part but obviously to someone in France, it is how you find my blog when you go searching. *wiping the tears from laughing so hard*

If I didn't know any better I would think my mother was internet stalking me again. Could it be she is in France and bored? Nahhhhhh I obviously must have just pissed in someone's escargot as some point and this is how they think of me now. Or is there another selfish heathen jo blog out there? *snort* The world may never know. See if I ever visit your country now ya sissy! Just kidding.

I never knew I was selfish but hey, it's good to have a reality check every now and then. I'd hate to go on taking care of my family, being an advocate for my kids, homeschooling, keeping them healthy, and being active in their lives for nothing. Wow, it's amazing what a little wake up call can do! *snicker*

Anyway- this made posting again alot easier because after the hellish week I just had I didn't think I could post again anytime soon. I'm still recovering from minor surgery but everyday I feel a little better. Yay me! Oh wait, was that selfish of me?


momof3feistykids said...

I suppose there is some other Jo Selfish Heathen blogger out there somewhere who has been targeted by the French. Hmmm ... maybe this should be investigated by the NSA, as per the Patriot Act?

ROFL!!! That is funny! How do you know what keywords people use to "google" into your blog?

~ Steph http://momof3feistykids.homeschooljournal.net/

contemplator said...

I've been googled and found by all kinds of things. Scary things. Like the word "incest", which I'm pretty sure I never blogged about. Somebody googled me by my name once, and that was disconcerting.

Steph: get statcounter. It'll tell you how people came to your website--if it was google, it'll show you what they inputed to get you. And it's free. www.statcounter.com

Unknown said...

I love to see what people search to get to my blog. Fun stuff. My favorite was when someone found me by searching for "amonia bomb"! No fooling. I had posted about coming home to a house after being on vacation for 2 weeks (in hot mid July) to find my lovely hubby didn't flush the toilet. Now I am certain I am on the NSA watch list. Especially because we are on foreign shores. ROTFLMAO. Come get me punks! (and don't forget to flush...)