Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Excitement Mounts!

Any day now Life With Heathens is going to get a wonderful new facelift thanks to my cyber-friend, Ro, over at Ciao! My Bella! . Also, I see that she's giving away FREE CUSTOM DESIGNS to ten or more people. Her requirements are pretty easy so if you've been looking to beautify your is your chance!!

So back to ME, between Ro and I we found a cute graphic to use and I'm honestly very happy with even just the THOUGHT of having this place look crisp and new! :) We must be patient though because from what I've read and seen, Ro's town was hit by a tornado (it looks like no one was hurt) causing alot of grief with DSL and electricity. Ummmm, I think I can wait because it's definately more important that her and her family is safe.

Thanks to your comments I've also decided to keep the name as Life With Heathens. I was pretty convinced as it was but when my devoutly Christian (and the closest thing to perfect I've ever seen) friend, Kate, told me that even she would miss the LWH name (my MomOfHeathens moniker and potty mouth scared her at first) I knew it had to stay. I may eventually figure out a way to work in the cancer, kids, and crayons thing. We'll see.

Latest cancer news has me at no change which is a very good thing. My calcitonin levels (cancer marker) have not gone up or down and at this point in my life I can fully accept that! lol. It also gives me a chance to focus more on the fibromyalgia and neuropathy problems, Sis' TMJ problems, the fact that my hubby will most likely now need a nose job (his surgery on his deviated septum seems to be a failure), my upcoming hysterectomy, my horrid insomnia (as you can tell by the time this was posted), and trying to find a house to buy.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm also trying to get ready for the beginning of my second year of homeschooling? *falling over in a faint* CLEAN UP ON AISLE NINE!

Wanna know the really sick thing? I think I would probably go nuts if I didn't have so much going on. Then again, I would probably flippin' SLEEP if I didn't have so much going on. Next stop... Tranquilizer Central! lol

Keep checking back to see if we've unveiled our new pertiness. :)


butterfly cocoon said...

Busy-ness can be a great distraction from the things we cannot change.
And they say a rolling stone gathers no moss, so roll on!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I found your blog and now I can officially stalk you :P


Jo said...

"Ha! I found your blog and now I can officially stalk you :P


Hot damn! This day just keeps getting better and better!!!

LOL, stalk away girl!

Robin said...

I hate not sleeping too!! I am so damn tired but stress keeps me up at night and then I drag during the day.Stupid stress.

A nice tranquilizer sounds....well....TRANQUIL! Sign me up too!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll stop commenting after this one..I really am normal, I swear...I love the title you have now...It, along with the site me a chuckle...