Tuesday, September 26, 2006

WTF? Wednesday

Okay I just HAD to play this week because I found this little gem on Amazon and couldn't help but share it. It is real and you really can order it off of Amazon.com . Now WHY you would order it from there and have to pay the shipping on it is beyond me but let's just ignore the fact that they are selling it altogether and focus on the reviews. Go ahead, read a few... I'll wait.

*checking hair*
*picking teeth*
*sniffing and wondering which of the kids passed gas*
*holding nose and thinking the heathens are nasty little buggers*

Okay are you done? I said read a FEW dammit not all of them!! Stop it! You can finish reading the reviews after you're done reading my post. That's a few less people on my Christmas list this year! hmmpph

Anyway, some of those reviews are funny as hell aren't they? I almost fell over when I read this one...

"The Day, September 18, 2006 Reviewer: A. Davis "Andy Davis"
The day I got this milk was a day I'll never forget. The UPS guy just hurled it out of his truck as he drove by. It smashed through my window and scared the [..] out of me, but it was the right choice, I think. It was like he was saying, "HEY! Wake up to the idea of this crazy MILK, man!" And boy was he right, if that is what he was saying. As it came through the window, it hit a table corner and burst open. I didn't even have to think--I dove right in, getting down on all fours and lapping up the gushing milk as it came flying out of the plastic remnants in great seizures of ecstatic goodness. It seemed like there was a lot of milk, and that it just kept coming, but that was probably just time slowing down. I also felt like I was being buffeted by some great force, but that turned out to be the neighborhood kids jostling me, as they too jockeyed for position, milk slamming into their eager faces. There really was a lot of milk, the more that I think about it. A really good bargain, even with the cost of delivery".

Okay so I honestly almost peed my pants and falling over was the least of my worries. I want to be that person when I grow up! Outstanding!

So there you go, my contribution to WTF Wednesdays. If you're lucky I might even do one of those Thursday Thirteen thingies. It depends on how much money just "happens" to show up in my paypal account by morning if ya know what I mean. ;) ;)

Enjoy folks and thank you for all the great comments about the new layout.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Told Ya!

I told you they were little heathens! I finally had to put them all behind bars and show some tough love! That'll teach them to try to grab for my chocolate! ;)

No, seriously I thought I would try my hand at designing and while simple and nowhere near as gorgeous as the one Ro made me, it's not bad for a beginner eh? Don't worry though, I have saved the one that Ro made me and will be bringing it back. I'm just one of those ADD adults who has to have new things to look at constantly or I get bored. lol

So this is the debut of my three heathens' faces. This doesn't mean I will start posting regular pictures of them or anything but I asked their permission to use these and feel okay about doing so at present. Of course, if the person from Reston, Virginia doesn't let me know who they are here soon I may have to take them down as that person is creeping out a little.

These pics were taken during our "Poor Man's Vacation" to Durango, CO and Silverton, CO back in June. It is really beautiful there and I recommend Silverton to anyone who doesn't have adrenal insufficiency. If you do have it then be prepared to get sick as a dog going over the mountain (I sure as hell did and it didn't help that I have a severe fear of mountain roads with drop offs!) ! ;) There is an old jail that you can tour and take pictures inside the cells. Alot of great history there and I loved these pics of the kids.

Lil Man got to ride on Thomas The Tank Engine during Day Out With Thomas as well as do tons of other activities for free. I highly recommend taking your little train lover to it if it comes to your town. The price of the ticket is worth it once you see all the neat free stuff they get to do.

Enjoy and if you would like to read about our week last week then please visit our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe as I'm too lazy to post all that over again.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Today is my only daughter's birthday. I can't believe that this year she is turning 12 and next year she will officially be a teenager. :( The time just goes too damn fast no matter how much you wish it would slow down.

Tonight we are having a slumber party for her and four of her friends. I never thought I would be crazy enough to do this a second time (she had one for her 9th birthday) but here I am. The only reason I did it was because she wanted one so badly and I thought I could do it cheaply. After totalling up everything though this cost me more than the guitar I bought Big B for his birthday. OY!

At least I planned better this time and had a list of games, crafts, gift bag goodies, and other things that they could do and have. Last time I basically was winging it and what a nightmart that was! Last time I did the popular "decorate a pillowcase" idea and ended up with fabric paint all over my dining room table and the carpets in the living room. My husband wanted to choked me for that one! This time though I went with decorating gift bags, prepackaged jewelry making/bead kits, treasure/future maps, facials and pedicures, and CDs with their favorite songs on it. I was pretty proud of myself. lol

Well they ended up mostly just wanting to hang out, paint their nails, eat cake & ice cream, open presents, use Sis' new hair color thingie (washes out), snack, and watch a movie. I was shocked beyond belief especially considering when the girls get together at the park they can get a little wild sometimes. :) . They were fantastic though and things went wonderfully. They didn't do have the crafts or games that Sis and I had planned on but personally I could care less. They had fun and spent time together and that's all that really matters.

As a bonus we told Sis that when they wake up the girls can ask to stay a little later and her friend, E, can ask to stay another night since she will soon be moving out of the country (I'm so jealous).

So the party went over without anything more than a little bit of preteen hormones being tossed around and now I can look forward to (with dread) my little girl turning 13 in 364 days. :( This mommy gig really sucks when they start growing up!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You're becoming quite the young woman and I'm so proud of you. You make me madder than just about anyone else but you also make me happy to the point of tears. I'm enjoying watching your journey into womanhood but don't travel too fast okay? I'm still holding on to the picture in my head of a little blonde two year old princess dancing in her little sunflower dress to "Macarena". *tear* Love you sweetheart.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've Been Tagged...Damn Her!

My blogfriend, Joy, has tagged me for the book meme going around so here it goes...

A book that changed my life- Honestly? There hasn't been one yet. I've read probably thousands of books over the years and none have really been life changing. :( I think the closest I've come so far is Robert Fulghum's "Everything I Needed To Know I learned In Kindergarten". I read that book during a very rough time in my life and being able to let go, realize that life goes on, and laugh at myself were things I really needed to learn.

Right now I'm reading Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain A Survival Manual (2nd Edition) by Devin Starlanyl and hoping beyond hope that it brings me life changing info to help with my Fibro and CMP.

A book I've read more than once- Every book Robert Fulghum has written (own them too. lol)

A book I would take with me if I were stuck on a deserted island- Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Hey, if I'm going to be stuck on some stinking island I might as well have a thick "fluff" book because it's going to be a longgggggggg wait! ;) Of course, I think the all in one Chronicles Of Narnia book by CS Lewis is much thicker. Maybe I'll take that. hehe

A book that made me laugh- Be Happy or I'll Scream by Sheri from Bob & Sheri in the Morning (radio program). I couldn't help but laugh because she sounded so much like me and was VERY realistic about how we moms think of our kids, husbands, jobs, homes, and family at times. I definately recommend it.

A book that made me cry- I'd have to agree with Joy on Flowers for Algernon. Totally mindblowing book.

A book that I wish had been written- A book on how to make deadbeats pay their child support without fail. No excuses, no maybes, just plain straight "How To Hire A Henchman And Not Be Traced" and other knowledge filled chapters. Ahhhh I'd like to say I'm kidding but no... no I'm not.

A book that I wish had never been written- Any book the Pearls have written! Their books are good for ass wiping and that's about it because they're shit plain and simple. Agree with me or don't it doesn't matter.

A book I've been meaning to read- Actually I have a few I've been trying to read like Pride & Prejudice, Einstein Didn't Use Flash Cards, and A Yellow Raft In Blue Water. Sadly I have no clue when I will find the time to read them.

I'm currently reading- The afore mentioned Fibro and CMP book, a book about getting your kids to do chores without bitching constantly, and whatever Magic Treehouse Book I happen to be reading to my Lil Man that week.

Blogs I'm tagging- Ummmm I have no clue who hasn't been tagged yet. So if you haven't been tagged and want to do this just leave a comment and I will list you here as tagged. :) Come on, you know you wanna!

There Joy, I did your damn meme! I'll get you my pretty! :p

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm Brave Not Crazy!!

Or at least that is what I kept telling myself today when I went to the mall...on a Saturday! Nobody in their right mind goes to the mall on the weekend! Okay so not anyone that can't stand large crowds of people like me anyway. :)

Today at the big mall here in town the local Radio Disney station was doing giveaways and had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well. Lil Man LOVES the Ninja Turtles so there was no way we weren't going to it. Sis was the one who found out about it but she had a surprise party to go to so Big B (with his mohawk fully spiked), Lil Man, and I went by ourselves.

Big B sat with his brother while I went from booth to booth signing up for the prize giveaways. They had Cabbage Patch Kids, Ninja Turtles, and Kandoo booths that were giving things away so I signed the little guy up for all of them. I also got a bag full of freebies which was alot of fun and like an extra treat for Lil Man. After we all sat down they had their RD Frequency singers/dancers do their thing (and they were very good too!) which Lil Man promptly informed his brother "I didn't come here to see this! What the hell?!" Greatttttttttt I have a preschool potty mouth. Lovely. *eyeroll*

Anyway- after the singing and dancing they did their first prize drawings. When it came time for the Kandoo drawing they gave away two shirts and then when it was time for their gift basket (FILLED with all the things Lil Man constantly begs me to get when I buy his Kandoo wipes) guess who won it! Yep, the lil guy's name was called and he promptly walked up to get it. The lady asked him how to pronounce his last name and he clearly and perfectly said it. Then she asked if he needed help carrying his basket to which Lil Man said "No, I'm strong I can do it". LOL.

A few minutes later they asked for three young boys to come up for a contest. Lil Man was picked and went up but when he saw that the contest was hula hooping he informed the lady that he didn't know how to do that. I felt bad for him because he really wanted a Ninja Turtle prize but then they told him that that was fine he still got a prize and gave him a Ninja Turtle DVD. *laughing*

After that he was sad he didn't win more but it was only because he didn't get the whole pick a name get a prize thing. He thought because I put his name in the box that he would win everything. Once I explained it though he told me that was okay because he won really neat stuff. :)

During all this I let Big B go walk around the mall because I knew the poor guy was probably board stiff. When he came back he noticed how cute one of the dancers was and the two of them kept making eye contact. Hubba hubba. Oh and while Big B was walking the mall an old couple stopped him and asked if they could have their picture taken with him! LMAO. I can just hear the story now... "Oh you have to see this picture. When we went to the mall there in *insert city here* this boy with a mohawk came walking by. We just knew we had to ask if he would take his picture with us. It was such a sight! Look at that, a real mohawk!!". *snort*

After the event I took the little guy through Build A Bear where he decided he wants to go for his birthday and then we hit the Disney Store. He of course wanted one of everything and I of course could afford maybe one of something. So we settled for one of the 50% off Lightning McQueen lunch bags. lol.

Big B met up with us there and we walked down to the play area that they have in the middle for little kids. That place is the greatest because your kid can run around like a little heathen and you get to sit down on a cushy seat and just watch them go. It was like heaven to my aching body (my fibro and CMP is going to kick my ass tomorrow!). After 20 minutes there we left and came home where Lil Man got to show Daddy all the stuff he got and won and Mommy got to try to get her second wind so she could make Chicken Parmesan for dinner and now go get Sis from the party here in a few minutes. *raising eyebrow* Daddy is NOT on my happy list today!

All in all it was a great day with my boys and the fact that Big B actually helped with his little brother (there is 11 years between them) and seemed like he wanted to be there made it that much better. I am absolutely loving the homeschooled version of my oldest son. Watching him border between kid and man is an amazing journey and one I hope doesn't end (aka reaching adulthood) too soon.

Tomorrow the Pagan Pride Day festivities! Anyone have any really really good pain meds because I'm gonna need 'em! ;)

Also, be sure to visit Big B's Blog "They're Nuts, I'm Not!" (it's weird but I figure it's his outlet so I leave it alone. lol), Sis' Blog "Life According To Lil Blonde Girl", and one of my best friend's Connie and her blog "Chaos of Four". It's the first blog for all three of them and I'd like them to feel da love too. lol.