Friday, April 27, 2007

1300, Cross Stitch, & Red Roses

First, I have never and I do mean NEVER hit even 250 visits in a month but so far this month my Statcounter is reporting that there have been over 1300 visitors to this blog! That's One Thousand Three Hundred! Yes, I blocked my own IP so no it's not me visiting all the time. Smartasses!

I have no clue why most of you were here (because I'm really not all that funny. It was the Rasta dog collars wasn't it?) but it's really cool. I'm afraid this time the French didn't contribute but Iraq, the UAE, Italy, Japan, China, Germany, Indonesia, and Ireland did. Me loves me some international lurves! ;) Thank you to everyone who reads this blog for whatever reason.

By the way, have you checked out that pic of Dwayne Johnson in my last post? I have, every single time I get on the net!! Mama like muy mucho! I remember when my two favorite phrases were "Know your role, Jabroni!" and "CandyAss" which leads me to my next subject (like how I did that little lead in?) - my friend Meg has found a way to get me back into doing cross stitch with Subversive Cross Stitch.

Warning- save that one for when the able to read kiddies aren't in the room. ;) Those are some of the most awesome kits I have ever seen! I think they rank right up there with the who-ha coin purses and ja-jina handbags I saw about a year ago. I plan on buying myself this kit and of course this one. I also found two that I think I'm going to make for the older kids. Big B will get his when he turns 18 and I'll put Sis' in her hope chest. *evil grin*

Okay now, Sindy at And To Think tagged me for a meme where you have to write a poem starting with "Roses Are Red". Mushy just isn't my style so I went with something that is... shiny object syndrome and rambling. Enjoy

Roses are red
But how would I know
I can’t even get
My damn Aloe to grow

You know, the roses were pink
On my birthday this year
He bought me two dozen
Thank you, my dear

Speaking of roses
Did you hear Rosie quit?
I'm sure that Ms. Barbara
Is tickled as shit.

My daughter is mad
But what else is new
No, you can't wear that skirt
And I am NOT a shrew!

Okay wait
Where was I at?
Something about roses
I do remember that

Oh yes I was rhyming
About roses being red
And then came all of
That other crap I said

Get back on track, Jo
Just write about the rose
This is not the way to impress them
With your "mastery" of prose

Oh well, I guess that’s what happens
When you have Adult A.D.D
You don’t just get red roses
You also get blah blah ramblings by me.


Anonymous said...

Fine, I've been to your freakin' blog 1000 times this month. I had to catch up! I just realized a few weeks ago that bloglines had randomly stops picking up feeds from LOTS of blogs I used to read. I thought all these people had just stopped blogging! ha. Now I'm on google reader and I still don't know if my blogroll is working correctly.

Jo said...

Of course now you know I have to go get myself a "Doc Was Here" button don't you? *snort*

I haven't used bloglines or google reader because I had a hard time figuring it out. I need to try again though because I'd really like to read certain blogs regularly instead of hit and miss like I am now.

So it was you that brought all the counter hits eh? Just so long as it wasn't you googling "sissy husband dress" it's all good. LMAO

samuel said...

I'll help add comments to your 1300 posts. Congrats on having so many visitors. I always love when I get international visitors, but I'm sure they usually don't find in my site whatever it is they were searching. Oh well, an ego stroke is an ego stroke, and I'm man enough for it.

Anonymous said...

Totally excellent poem. And congrats on the rockin' stats. You go girl!

Unknown said...

That was GREAT Jo! Your poem cracked me up. :)

Norm Deplume said...

I love the poem! I was trying to wax poetic whilst digging in my garden this weekend, but it was mostly just cursing and no rhymes. I think I'll just stick with haiku.

Elle said...

LOL yeah I often wonder if I had a hits counter, how many I'd get. Then I think " that might depress me" so I haven't added one yet!!

You on the other hand, definately would need one!

Jo said...

Ohhhhhhh Sam is stalking me? Okay I know you're not but don't post and say so. It feeds the ego more this way. ;) lol

Thanks for the compliments, this meme was alot of fun.

Robin- if you're anything like me there were words that rhymed with truck, spit, and crammit. :D

Elle- believe me, until here recently there weren't very many hits on my counter. It was a little depressing but that was only because I was comparing myself to popular mommybloggers and find myself lacking. Once I quit doing that I started enjoying each and every hit I got because they were MINE MINE ALL MINE!!! *evil laugh*