Thursday, May 17, 2007

"In The Spotlight" Meme From Christy

Christy over at Christy's Coffee Break tagged me for this cool meme she created which makes me feel like one of the cool kids. lol. You can find the rules for this meme here to get a better feel of how this goes. Below are the "interview questions" that I chose and the answers to them. Enjoy.

What makes your blog unique? I'm not sure but I'd really like to know what whoever keeps Googling "jo selfish heathens" is truly looking for. Besides, how many former teenage moms with a rare disorder, cancer, fibromyalgia, a Polish/Italian husband, and two stupid cats do YOU know that blog? Hmmmm? Yep, thought so... UNIQUE!!!

When did you start blogging? In 2004 right after my initial cancer diagnosis. I started the MEN2a blog first to record everything that was going on and going through my mind at the time and then a few months later I started LWH.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? I hope to make many people laugh and learn how to not take life so seriously. I also hope to show people that most of us with cancer still like to laugh, joke, and live too. It's okay to laugh with us and hell, laugh at us! We're not fragile little figurines that you set on a shelf to look at and never touch. We're made of pretty tough stuff and want you to treat us just like everyone else. We know we have cancer, you know we have cancer... so leave the junk at the door and enjoy being with us. As Hubby Guy says "I might get hit by a bus tomorrow for all we know". Enjoy today.

What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue? Mostly I really don't care too much about it but I'll be honest and say that the little kid in me still wants to be one of the "popular kids" sometimes. You see these blogs that get tons of comments on every post and the owner writes for four other sites as well and blah blah blah. Sometimes I do wish I had their talent. Then the analytical side of me comes out and starts thinking "Why the hell would I want the stress of having to worry if people like what I'm writing and have to write regularly"? I'm sure they're having a ball but it has to be very stressful at times too. I prefer to read blogs that I truly like, link to people that I like, and having readers who are here because they like who I am.

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you? I found out I had a rare disorder (MEN2a) that I'd never heard of before and two forms of cancer all in the same month! HA!! It was around Halloween so you can bet your ass I ate most of the kids' candy that year! Who knew when I went in for some ulcer pills and a pregnancy test that those were the least of my problems?! Oh yeah, the prego test was negative just so'z ya know'z. *laughing*

What is your best quality? Most people would probably say my strength but they'd be wrong. I'm no stronger than anyone else and there many people I've come across that are the epitome of strength. They are amazing. The only reason I handle our situation as well as I do is because of a very fucked up childhood aka Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I automatically go into "damage control" phase and skip right past "fall apart for a bit" phase. So see, it's all just a fucked up glitch. And here you thought I was Wonder Woman! HA, fooled you!

Now that I've done all that rambling... I have no clue what my best quality is. I'll ask Hubby Guy though and see what he says.

*Update- When I asked Hubby Guy he just laughed at me. The bastard!*

What is your worst quality? My Adult ADD. It has ruined my life in so many ways. I spent my whole life thinking I was just a lazy, worthless, scatterbrain. I could never finish anything which left me feeling like a loser and I could never stay focused long enough to do any of the things there were important to me. It hurts to know I spent so many years feeling that way for nothing because if I had been diagnosed sooner things would have been alot different. Even knowing now that I most definately do have it, I still hate it and consider it a flaw in my character. I'm working on that though.

If you read the rules for this meme over at Christy's blog then you know that I get to tag five of you and I'm startin' with those of you who have tagged ME in the past. REVENGE IS MINE!!!!! *insert evil laugh*

My IRL friend Meg @ Get In Hang On ....... tag ur it girl!

Sindy @ And To Think..... Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, you tagged me first, so now back to you! hehe.

Ev @ My Life Is Murphy's Law.... I know I know, I never did the Technorati one...

Kelly @ Kellementology... it's your turn to think again neener neener!

and last but not least, Kat over @ A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm for the pure and simple fact that she is someone who linked to me from pretty much the beginning. :)

Enjoy and if any of you tag me back for anything I will hunt you down like dogs! Remember, I'm a woman on steroids (not THAT kind of steroids although I do think my penis has shrunk so much I can't see it at all! *snort*) so it could get ugly. LOTS of hair pulling and cursing. Wait, I have a feeling I just turned on half the people reading this. Ya'll so kink-y!!


Meg_L said...


hmmmm, I should not have followed your link this early in the morning. Let me think about it for a while.

Anyway, when did I tag you? I think you just wanted to rattle the bars of my cage.

One Wacky Mom said...

ROTLMAO. ok....just so you saw how far behind I get behind on these freaking meme things right? Remember i told you I was tagging on one right? And it took me how freaking long to do it? I am a pathetic loser!!!!! So do not give me any shit if I don't get this thing done for a few life is freaking MURPHYS LAW...IT SERIOUSLY IS. I cannot write it fast enough all the shit that happens.

My life falls apart constantly. I am not kidding you.

My son regressed in speech so much...I'm melting down...daily. When I say I live in WACKOWORLD......AND DISABILITYWORLD...AND CREWWORLD...I AM NOT JOKING...

Seriously Jo....I do not fit in where I LIVE...I should be in a psycho ward....I do not socialize where I live...because I CAN'T.



I'm the breadwinner Jo....I'M A TAD WACKED RIGHT NOW...OK????

Admin said...

Jo said, "I prefer to read blogs that I truly like, link to people that I like, and having readers who are here because they like who I am." So do I, Jo, and that's why I read yours. I'd say religiously, but I'm an atheist. You're unique, funny as hell, and one of my favorite survivors.

Shine On,

Natalia said...

Hey! I found you through blogging chicks. My sister was diagnosed with cancer and went through a radical mastectomy and seems to be in the clear now. Two months after my sister was diagnosed, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I am trying to figure stuff out still and your blog is a beam of light and hope. Thanks!


karrie said...

I think I would have eaten the entire neighborhood's candy if I had that kind of month. Wow!

Oh and, ITA with this:

"Why the hell would I want the stress of having to worry if people like what I'm writing and have to write regularly"?

Jo said...

Thanks for the comments!

Meg- you tagged me last year sometime. If not.....oops. *snicker*

Ev- you sound about as stressed as I feel here lately! Do the meme whenever you get to it. As you know by now, I'm not the quickest person on them myself. ;) As for having what I have... which one? LMAO. I'm a walking medical journal so you could have anything from MEN2a and cancer to and almost broken foot (did that one last night. LOL). Email me if you want to talk or need to vent hun.

Lill- thanks hun, that means alot to me and we atheist gals gotta stick together right? lol

Natalia- I left a comment at your blog, hopefully you get to read it and have fun in Greece! I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks! I just got tagged and did this meme last week, so I'll just link it and share the love. I don't want to give my stalker and more info on my scintillating existence in Blogland. Wot-evah...

Christy said...

Oh my God, I laughed until I cried just at your first answer alone, lol. I think that particular google search would have scared me, lol. You sound like an awesome person, tell your husband that your best quality is that you're hilarious!
Thanks for participating in the meme, I appreciate it:)

One Wacky Mom said...

Jo, I finally did it. I got it done today. Check it out....I think you'll be proud of me my darling. Because I love you!!!! Anyone with your sense of humor and a saint in my mind. So my dear, I hold you in the highest esteem. And I wish you WERE MY NEIGHBOR.......I'D BE ROTFLMAO WITH YOU EVERY FREAKING DAY.....AND TRUST ME...I DO NOT FIT WHERE I LIVE!!!!