Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Upcoming Attractions

Most important thing first- As you can see I have a new "MEN2a Awareness" ribbon on the right hand corner of all my blogs. If you would like to help me spread the world about MEN2a and the cancers it causes then please send me an email and I'll be happy to send you the code for it. If you have no clue what I'm talking about then please read our MEN2a blog to find out more about my family. Also feel free to ask me any questions at any time. Most people are afraid to ask questions because they worry that it's rude but I enjoy sharing with others and encourage the questions.

So what do you think of the new look? I'm very proud of myself because it has all been a game of trial and error for me. I by no means have any clue when it comes to CSS, XML, or HTML...totally blonde about all three. I do know the fantastic method of "Ohhh what happens when I do this?" and what you see is the end product. :) I actually am learning quite a bit though and highly recommend everyone learning a little of each. If anyone knows how to get the damn expandable menus to quit staying open I would be grateful if you could teach me.

Here are a few updates on various projects. I'll let everyone know when things are up and running...

-The name of our medical blog "Our Life With MEN2a" has been changed to "Cancer Is The "Easy" Part". It's definately not that I think cancer is easy but so far I think it may be the easiest part of my problems. The cancer is just sitting there behaving, it's the rest of my body that's going to shit!

-I've been working on my "Onorach- Tact Is For Sissies" blog (currently still closed) which is where I hope to eventually do all sponsored posts, product reviews, author interviews, and website reviews as well as just all out blunt honesty about whatever I decide to blather on about! My hope is to eventually talk more here at LWH about the kids and family life .

-Some have noticed that I've started a mirror homeschooling blog on Blogger of our Sona Creidhe Homeschooling on HomeschoolJournal.Net (Ron and Andrea are awesome hosts by the way!). Right now I'm still playing around with it and deciding which blog to keep but be sure to check both out when you get a chance and tell me which one you like more! No matter what, I will still be homeschooling the youngest child next year so we're still going to need a blog. *wink*

-To go with the spiffy new HSing blog, I'm working on a homeschool/education related review blog called Sona Creidhe Reviews that I hope to launch soon. I know, not a very imaginative name for it but it's what I've got right now.

I'm off to my doctor's appointment so wish me luck. It was suppose to just be a follow-up but due to some recent problems I'm having I just hope I don't end up on another damn pill! I already take eight different pills sometimes two and three times a day so that is more than enough to have to choke down! Damn horse pills! Blech!


David said...

Ah, homeschoolers. Whenever I see little 6 year old-homeschooled kids who can read better than public high school kids it only serves to reinforce my thoughts about the downfalls of public schools. Not to mention all the times I have walked into a fellow teacher's classroom and cringed at what I observe!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining style you have.

I felt like you had written many things I have thought, like, "I wonder what happens when I do this."

Also, I will be very interested in the "tact is for sissies" blog, I can't wait to see that.

Keep it up!

Also a homeschooling mom,

Anonymous said...

Hope your dr's appt went well!

Jo said...

David- Four years ago if someone had said the word homeschooling to me I probably would have given them a funky look and thought they were nuts. Then some of the same things you just said happened and HSing is where we ended up. I've really enjoyed it.

Barb- welcome and I hope you enjoy my mouthiness. ;) I checked out your blog but then got sick (not related don't worry. LMAO) so didn't get to comment but I will soon.

Kat- it was shit plain and simple. :(