Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Cancer Is The "Easy" Part... It's Everything Else That's Killing Me!!
Our blog documenting our life with MEN2a, medullary thyroid cancer, and everything that has gone with it since the beginning. If you want to know about us then reading here is a good start.

Sona Creidhe Homeschooling
I homeschooled our three children aged 6-18 years until this year. Now I have only one left at home but we're still having fun at...

Homeschooling The Hyper Heathen
We are secular eclectic homeschoolers meaning we don't do it for religious reasons and we don't follow any one certain method. I've found that almost every method of homeschooling has something to offer and I use what works for us. If you want to know what our homeschooling life is like then this is the blog to start with.

LWH Reviews
While not everything I review is educational as I'd like, I do try to find the best products I can and give you my honest opinion on them. I hate buying things that break, are junk, or are just plain useless so I try very hard to help other parents (especially those on a budget) find the best products and the best deals.

Along with doing my own independent reviews, I have also done reviews for Mother Talk, Parent Bloggers Network, and Mom Central.

Jo's Poetry
Yes, I write poetry or at least I use to. I haven't written any in awhile but you are welcome to visit, read, and comment if you like.

Places I Write/Have Written For;
Dot-Moms (under Author-Jo)
The Whole Mom (my article Finding Strength)
Amitymama (under MomOfHeathens)
ClubMom (Story From The Heart)
Blue Ribbon Bloggers

See My Reviews At/For;
LWH Reviews
Mother Talk
Parent Bloggers Network
and occasionally on Life With Heathens


L. J. Lowe said...


I see you've blocked your onorach blog. I loved reading that. Would you send me an invite?

Lesa (granola*girl*)

Jo said...

Oh hun it's blocked because I don't write on it anymore. I couldn't just delete it because then some squatter could take it and make a damn mess out of it so blocking was the only way to keep it mine yet not have people looking for new posts that weren't going to be there. :)

If I ever DO open it back up though I will most definitely let you know.