Saturday, July 07, 2007

Real-world Wonder Women

Do you know that television’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, left acting for several years to stay home and raise her two children? I mention this because to me, when Ms. Carter stopped “playing” Wonder Woman on TV she then took on the role of a lifetime: Motherhood. That is when she became a real life Wonder Woman.

We moms may not have bulletproof wrist cuffs (can you imagine doing dishes in those?), a magic lasso (though it would come in handy for wild children), or an Invisible Jet (how many carseats could fit in that thing anyway?) but who needs fancy accessories? We moms come specially equipped with many extraordinary superpowers like:

Magic Kisses- Our magic mommy kisses can heal booboos, vanquish bad dreams, stop tears, and charm grumpy husbands.

Soft Arms- These amazing arms provide safety from closet monsters, lovingly snuggle many children at once, and one hug can make all sadness in a child’s world just melt away.

Super Senses- Every mommy comes standard with this awesome power. We can hear mischievous whispers from two rooms away, know a lie the moment it leaves our child's or husband’s lips, see through the back of our heads, and we always know who wrote on the wall without ever asking. Nothing gets past our super senses!

As mothers, our powers are endless. While TV’s Wonder Woman did a wonderful job of teaching a generation of girls about strength and self-worth, today’s real life Wonder Women go even further. We are raising the male and female “superheroes” of tomorrow. The future of the world truly rests in our hands.

So Lynda Carter’s character can keep the costume and fancy extras, for us real world Wonder Women they’d just get in the way. From the moment we hear our child’s first cry of life we instantly have everything we’ll ever need. How could a piece of rope top that?

Okay so maybe we really would love one of those bustier’s with the “W’s” on it for date night with the hubby, but that’ll just be our little secret.

What “superpowers” do you possess (or wish you did)?

*Originally posted at DotMoms but being shared here for my newer readers and the curious*


Anonymous said...

Great post. I liked it a lot. You write really well, Wonder Woman.

My Super Power of Choice: Flying ... without the tight 'tards and cape, of course.

Angie Lee said...

OMG, Jo, this is the awesomest post I've ever read. Thank you from mommies everywhere!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Hmmmmmm. The ability to GPS my kids just with my mind. Yeah. That would be the ticket. Of course, I might have a heart attack knowing some of the places where they hang out!

Great Blog! Hugs.

kellypea said...

Hi Jo,
Your blog always amazes me. There is something new to look at, to read, to wonder what you're involved in. What energy!

My "wonder" would be to help my son with his math. Outside of getting an "Algebra II for Dummies" book, I'm thinking it won't happen. *sigh*

Jo said...

bob- Thank you very much and I don't blame you for ditching the tights and cape. One bunches on ya and the other slaps ya in the face. LOL

Ang- Awww thanks girl. That means alot coming from you. :)

Janice- I like the way you think girl! Of course, I too would have a heart attack and don't EVEN want to imagine some of the places these kids have gone! OY! My oldest JUST told me this year about a run in with a crocodile he had three years ago!! I thought he was playing nintendo at a friends!!!

Jo said...

Kelly- ya snuck in on me girl! Thank you for the compliment hun, like Angie that means alot coming from you. :)

I totally get the math thing and unfortunately I don't think even a for dummies book could help me learn. My poor oldest has had to learn Algebra all on his own. My blonde brain can wrap around so many subjects and retain so much but when it comes to math... it seeps out my ears! lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd have to agree flying cause if I'm not sitting at the computer I'm driving my no-license husband around or scooting here there and everywhere for my boys! Flying would sure save some time and it'd be a better view from above!