Tuesday, October 30, 2007

     As you read this I am either getting injected with radioactive dye that will turn my skin green, make me grow muscles, and talk like an ogre OR I'm laying down on a cold slab while being passed through a whirring buzzing donut without sprinkles OR you're late and you've missed the fun until tomorrow.

If it's the last one then now I know what kind of friend you are! Don't bother checking on me until the afternoon? What did you have something more important to do? Wow. Just WOW!!! You suck! *snicker*

Seriously though, wish me luck as today is day one of two that I have an Octreotide Scan scheduled. Thankfully I only have to be stuck the first day with radiation but the scan is still long and since you have to lie perfectly still it is BORING as hell! All this just to say whether or not the lymph node in my neck is cancerous or not even though it NEEDS TO COME OUT ANYWAY! Yeah, this shit is still really stupid if you ask me but I haven't had an O Scan done in two years so we might as well see if I'm glowing anywhere new. ;)

Speaking of being stuck... I gave myself my second B12 injection Saturday and it honestly hurts less than when a nurse does it. So far so good. The funny thing is that my husband went to pick up the rest of my prescription that morning which were the needles and syringes (of which I was expecting maybe 10 at most). Oh noooooo honey, they gave him a box of ONE HUNDRED needles and syringes!! Ahahahahaha.

Man, my neighbors would get a kick out of that one! Why? Well because due to the reviews I do, the UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx guys are here almost daily dropping off "packages". If the neighbors knew I had all these needles too they'd probably think I was running a meth lab! *snort* That was a laugh "snort" not a snorting something "snort". Just so we're on the same page here. ;)

As for the Exercise for Comments post I did, so far it's going great! You guys are commenting more mostly just because you think making me move my fat ass is funny but eh, whatever works right? Yesterday was the start of a new week so we'll see just how much you're all wanting me to push it. Can you keep up with me?

*flexing my pecks*

*deciding that flexing my pecks won't work as I have itty bitty "pecks"*

Oh and in answer to two of Meg's questions- I have decided that I can only do up to but not more than the amount of exercise that is owed on here. I can still do the exercise here at home but I just can't count it if it goes over what you've racked up for the week. Also, no my comments don't count you rotten witch! :p And to think, I raced you back from the Wolf Sanctuary once. Hmmphh. ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

HA! Take That!!

Oh you guys are just plain evil you know that? Not only are you making sure to comment more now that you know I have to exercise in return but SOME OF YOU are being very very bad!! Paybacks woman, that's all I'm gonna say! :p

So far you have left 23 comments/minutes and today I was able to use up 15 minutes by taking the kids to the museum. Since I was walking so slow to look through everything I didn't count the whole hour and more that we were there but instead just cut it down to 15 minutes. I figure taking an actual walk, doing my Tai Chi, or finally trying those beginner Bellydancing dvds of mine are better ways to use my time up. Of course, when I left there were only about 17 comments so I thought I would get ahead. Smartasses! lol

I wish I could take up running or even kickboxing. Wouldn't that be cool? Then I could kick a certain person's butt everytime he dares to tag me for a meme. AHEM!! Oh well, maybe in another life and in a new body right? With this body I'm limited to things that don't cause stress on my body (which means even yoga...booooo) so that's why I've chosen walking to the duck pond with MonkeyBoy, Tai Chi, and bellydancing.

My arms are getting flabby too so I might just toss in some mild weightlifting. I know I can lift 5lbs without my right shoulder going out so I'll work up to that and see how things go. It all sounds so pathetic doesn't it? I sound like a little old lady who thinks she's supergranny and is hittin' the gym. Ugh.

Thank you all for loving me enough to comment and make me get off my duff. A real problem I have had is that I've been afraid of the pain for way too long now. I'm afraid to exercise because I know it brings on the pain and the flare ups but because of that I never get to find out what might be on the other side of that pain. My mind just figures it's more pain and da hell with that! I want to see if maybe some pain relief is on the other side plus I want to feel healthier, look better, and have more energy if that is possible for me.

So keep the comments coming and I'll keep moving muh bum to keep up with you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will Sweat For Comments!

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Okay so maybe I won't actually agree to sweat but I will agree to exercise. Thanks to Elizabeth at Table4Five, I found this great idea of exercising for comments and have decided it's just what I need. Moving my fat ass has never been one of the top things to do on my list even but I know it's something I really need to do. I need more exercise to combat some of the pain and I'd really love to lose at least a few pounds.

So here is where YOU come in. For every comment you make on this blog (any post past, present, or future) I will do one minute's worth of exercising up to 45 minutes per day. I'd go a whole 60 per day but I'm not going to push it just yet.

The way it will work is if you comment on one of my posts (with more than just "Hi Jo" please) then I will owe you one minute of exercise. There is no limit on how many comments you can make so enjoy going back through my archives and getting to know me a little better. I will compile the time up to 315 minutes for the entire week and work off what I owe as the week progresses.

I will post the total number of minutes I owe for the week each day plus how many minutes I've already completed. So it will look like this...

Jo Owes Her Readers ___ Minutes Of Exercise This Week.

She Has Completed ____ Minutes So Far This Week.

So how badly do you want to make Jo move her ass? I guess we'll find out right?