Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great Google-y Moogley!

After checking Statcounter today I couldn't help but post about some of the recent searches people have done thus bringing them to MY blog. Are you ready? Here we go...

1) "how to get friends naked at a party"~ Well I've found that lots of booze and a nice game of Nakey Twister gets things going.

2) "girls talking about getting naked with friends"~ Okay, typical male there. FYI, usually when "girls" talk about getting naked with friends it's because they are trying on clothes at the mall or just comfortable to go in the buff. It's not half as kinky as you wish.

3) "naked friends"~ Yes dear Googler, some people have naked friends. Good job Einstein!

4) "revenge i have the cell phone number address driver license info"~ Wow, someone is obsessing aren't they? I'm all for going after someone who has done you wrong (which is blatantly apparent if you read my deadbeat posts here on the blog or visit my MySpace page) but go slow there tiger. If you have that info for constructive reasons like to get say child support or such then go for it but doing it for out and out senseless revenge makes you bordering on stalking sweety. Get a hobby mmmkay?

5) "real naked massages"~ Most full body massages DO have you get naked genius but I'm afraid they won't play with your wittle peepee as part of it. Ask the guys at the local truckstop where to get one of the "me so horny" kinds of massages.

6) "why does joanne have to be such a bitch?!"~ Well, maybe Joanne was just born a bitch and can't help herself. Maybe entering a program like Bitches Anonymous will help Joanne stop being such a bitch. Does Joanne think she's a bitch? Maybe YOU are the bitch. Think about it my friend...

Is anyone else seeing a theme going on here? *snort*

7) "hot nakey"~ Hot nakey what?? Great, now I'm left wondering what the hell they wanted hot nakey of! DAMN YOUUUUU!!!

8) "kirk coiner"~ The searches for this one have come from several states. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm

9) "how to get woman naked in hot tub"~ Please see Google search number 1. Here's a thought though, why don't you just ask her if she'll strip for the hot tub? *shrugging shoulders*

and last but not least...

10) "doing house chores naked video"~ Yeah, I'm not touching that one with a 20 foot poll. Some people have issues even I can't explain. *wink*


Summer said...

What aren't you telling us about yourself that these random Googler's know?

Anonymous said...

Damn -- apparently you are all about gratuitous nudity and butt nekked parties. How have I missed this? I must be reading the wrong posts when I'm on your blog -- huh? ;-)

Killlashandra said...

Ok you're right. That is pretty damn funny! And I feel for anyone with the name Joanne. WAH!

Unknown said...

LOL you are a character!!

I love the post!! I never got the KC story until now, that is a very effective tactic!! lol

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

HEHE, so funny:) At google they got the searches on a big screen so the staff can see what people are searching for... "how to get friends naked" ...LOL!!! Crazy

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha funny. I love this post very much :) I have bookmarked you.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious, I have to admit:) Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...

lol. this is funny. I always love the strange stuff that brings people to some of my sites and blogs as well. you realize really quickly that there is some strange shit on the internet.

Anonymous said...

lol I love the post! hahah

Anonymous said...


nice one

now lemme look stat counter so that I can come up with a nice post for my blog :)

thanks for the hint :P

Michael said...

lol I love google analytics!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have a widget that counts hits from different sources, and google is by FAR #1

The search terms are usually a persons name though ... you have some real oddities!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey,apparently you are all about gratuitous nudity and butt nekked parties. How have I missed this? I must be reading the wrong posts when I'm on your blog.

Jo said...

Summer- that I'm really a porn star named Stevi? LMFAO, if you've been to Amity or MD lately you'll know that one. If not I'll fill ya in. ;)

Steph- What can I say? I missed out on freaky nakey college stuff so I'm making up for it in my 30's.

"Kill"- Girl you should see what was on my Statcounter two days ago..."joanne naked". LMMFAOOOOOOO

John- why thank you. :) I was nice about the KC thing until I found out he was telling people that he gave up rights on my son and that was even AFTER he denied ever having children in the first place.

Flug- Nuh uh do they really?

Poli- You're welcome. :)

Barry- Oh definitely! This was only the funnest list of searches I've come across so far. Before this there have always been those one or two freaky ass searches that make you say, "What in the?????.

Bouncer- I expect to see a really good post soon. ;)

Speed- All you need to do is right a post with the word naked in it a bunch of times and they will come! HAHAHA

Keith- Well then you need to stick around and read more I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Lol... Very funny indeed. You obviously have very much naked content :). Shame on you ;)

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Lots of nakedness going on here huh? Just found your blog, quite entertaining I must say.

You so watch Maggie and the Beast don't you!?