Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow, An Award!!

When you don't blog constantly like you use to you come to expect certain things NOT happening like not having alot of readers anymore, fewer comments, less writing offers, and definitely fewer awards from other bloggers because well... you're not blogging about anything now are you? LOL

Well Melanie at Running Without Being Chased thought of me when it was time for her to pass on the Queen of Awe-Summm award which totally blew me away. Thank you very much, Melanie for completely making my day. I feel so cool again now. :)

The steps to becoming a Queen are...1. List Seven Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you read religiously.
3. Tag those seven bloggers.

Seven Things That Make Me Awe-summm-
oh boy this is going to be hard because I don't think of myself as awesome. Hmmmm.

1- I have awe-summm genes when it comes to my kids. They look like me, act like me, and even have my sarcastic sense of humor rather than their donor's (hubby not included) ugly, bland, ignorant ass stupidity. *snort* Yes, I'm taking credit for having the stronger genes in this case so shup!!

2- I have awe-summm friends who make me more awe-summm just by knowing them. I feel very lucky when it comes to my friends.

3- Despite a screwed up childhood I've turned out fairly normal which I think is pretty awe-summm.

4- I am an awe-summm left-handed person. We lefties are in a league of our own I tell ya (okay so we're weird shup!).

5- I'm able to always have a sense of humor no matter what life throws at me. Hell, I even joke about cancer leasing space in my body. I RULE!!! Just kidding, maybe this award is affecting my ego. Dammit!

6- Speaking of which, it is majorly fucking awe-summm that this October will mark FIVE years that I've been living with cancer. Statistics have had me at a 16% chance of making it this far since the beginning but I've always known that as long as this shit keeps it's hands off my bones, I'll be kicking for awhile yet. *smile*

7- I think it's pretty damn awe-summm that I actually made it through all seven of these! LMFAO.

Okay now it's time to pass the award on to some of my fave ladies...

Doc- Totally fucking awesome I tell you!

Meg- Awesome lady I had the privilege to get to know before she moved back to Indiana.

Robin- Awesome sarcastic knitting bitch whom I adore

Rayne- Even when I didn't post she still read my blog. So awesome!

Jessica- My awesome Mormon Puddin' Pop

Jami- She awesomely rocks my socks and her blog kicks ass!

Summer- She's wired for awesomeness!

So here's your award bitches. Don't say I never give ya anything. HAHA


Summer said...

WOOT! I'm awesummmm!

Maddy said...

Congratulations on you award. just whizzes.