Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lil Man, You're Obsessing...

"I ossessing Mommy?"

"Yes, you're obsessing again"

"I ossessing yike I was er-e-er wif da train table?"

*laughing hard* "Yeah kind of like you were obsessing over the train table today"

"Okay I no ossessing e-more"

Two and a half years old and he never fails to crack me up! The things this child says sometimes just amaze me. How can someone so little be so smart and funny?

One of his favorite words right now is "crack". Everything is crack. "You cwack me up Daddy", "You on cwack Thissy", "I see your cwack", and so on. The person that started this will pay as soon as we find out their identity! I guess it's better than "dammit" which we heard a few times and went into panic mode over fearing it was going to be the next word de jour for Lil Man.

Anyway- time to go play with my baby boy while he is "ossessing" over his dinosaurs laying an egg. LMAO


Cheryl said...

Such a big word for such a little boy. I just love toddler-isms.