Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

Well today is Father's Day and I did pretty darn good if I do say so myself. The kids and I got and did things for Vin that I KNEW he would like. We paid for him to get an hour long massage yesterday which was something he'd never had before. I figured he could use the relaxation considering the fact that he has been on this rollercoaster ride with me the last 9 months. He said he really liked it and would love to do it again sometime so that is info I will save for maybe Yule or his birthday next year. :)

After his massage I sent him and the oldest two kids to see "Batman Begins" at the movie theatre. To us this was a big deal because we NEVER go to the full price theatre and even only hit the Dollar theatre maybe once or twice a year. We just feel it's too expensive to go and much cheaper to watch stuff at home. Boy were we right!! It cost OVER $30 for the MATINEE for Vin, Big B, and Sis plus two candies, a popcorn, and two drinks!! That is just unreal!! I mean, the cost didn't matter yesterday because it was a treat and special but still...geez that is just stupid that it costs so much! Anyway- Vin had been saying he wanted to see the movie and I figured that in 5 years him and the oldest two have never been to the movies together (sad I know) so this would be good for ALL of them. I was right- they ALL enjoyed the movie immensely and Vin actually came home with a smile on his face. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Last night I made a special dinner (figured it was better to have it last night so we could just relax today) for everyone that turned out REALLY REALLY good. Everyone loved it (except me unfortunately- my taste buds were dead so everything tasted like cardboard AND I got VERY sick about an hour after I ate. :( ) and we had a nice dinner together which I love. I marinated some steak, chicken, and shrimp for two days in a marinade that I bought plus added some stuff to. Last night we grilled them and then I added a feta cheese topping to the steak and sauteed some mushrooms and onions as well. I also made baked potatoes and broiled parmesan zucchini to go along with it. Everything was done at the same time, turned out great, AND the kids even liked the zucchini. PERFECT meal which never happens but made me so happy!

Today the kids gave him a card with coupons in it for little things like a "car wash", "time alone", and so on. Then I had each one pull a gift out from behind their backs. Lil Man gave him a bag of his fave Lindt candy, Sis gave him another bag of it (mixed flavors), and Big B gave him a Tony Stewart dvd he had found a few months ago when we were out. I gave him a card and a stick of pepperoni that I know he likes. He said it was a great weekend and he was very happy.

It feels good to know that we were actually able to give him things he liked because he is so hard to buy for and do things for. I made sure it was a perfect weekend and I'm so proud of myself. Of course, I keep telling him "Wow, look Vin I did things I KNEW you would like. I LISTENED and PAID ATTENTION to KNOW what to get". LOL. This was said because I will make him lists even of ideas for what I would like for my birthday, Mother's Day, etc and he never listens and ends up getting me stuff that I just could never use or have no clue what to do with. The books he got me for Mother's Day we ended up giving to his mother because they just weren't something I would read/use. I wasn't being picky, he had even said as much after actually looking at the books. LOL. He tried though and that meant alot. I just wish he would put more effort into knowing me and knowing what little things make me tick.

Hopefully this weekend has shown him how it feels to know someone loves you enough to pay attention to what you say and who you are. If not... oh well, HE had a great weekend and that is all that honestly matters. Seeing him happy makes me happy and it makes the kids feel good knowing they did well. Definately an everybody wins situation wouldn't you say? :)