Friday, September 16, 2005

My Girlie Is Eleven Today

I can't believe how quickly these kids are growing up. Today Sis is 11 and I just can't believe that. Thankfully she is an immature 11 which means I don't have to worry about her asking for makeup, wanting a boyfriend, or trying to dress sexy. I get to enjoy her being a kid just a little bit longer.

Last night I sat and thought about every birthday of her's for the last 11 years and couldn't help but smile at the memories. Her doing the Macarena when she was 2. Getting her ears pierced at 8. Her slumber party at 9 and this year the memoral thing will be buying her a bra on her 11th birthday. LOL. Poor kid. She has honestly been the hardest child for me because we knock heads together so much but she is my only little girl and has taught me so much just like the boys. She's an irreplaceable part of this trio that completes my heart.

She's celebrating her birthday tomorrow when her friend is here so I'll wait until after the weekend to post (or complain) about it. ;)

Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you more than words and wish you would quit growing up on me. Could you go back to being two and doing the Macarena for about 10 years maybe?


Anonymous said... daughter wants to get her ears pierced but she's still afraid of the They grow up really fast don't they!?

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