Friday, December 30, 2005

Everybody Poops..Nooooo Really?

In case you didn't know this is seriously a book that someone published about 10 years or so ago. If you don't believe me just look here... Everybody Poops . See, told you so.

Anyway- so this book sits in the waiting room at my family practioner's office and everytime we go in one of my children (usually one of the older two) picks it up and reads it. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it was the three year old who is potty training but no, instead it is more times than not the 11 year old who thinks this is the funniest thing she's ever seen.

Here is how the conversation usually goes...

"Mom, this book says Everybody Poops and it has animals pooping in it!"

"That's nice hun. Your point is??"

"Holy crap Mom, it shows a kid sitting on a toilet pooping!"

"I'm not sure his crap is Holy but I do believe the toilet is the right place for pooping dear and don't say crap it doesn't sound nice coming from a little girl."

"Ewwww it says one humped camels have one humped poop. Is that true? That's so nasty!"

"Yes Sis it's true and Santa's reindeer poop candy canes too. Would you put that damn book down please?"

"Why is it showing everybody from the back taking a dump?"

"I don't know. Maybe they want to show that not only does everbody poop but they also all have an asshole that it comes from too."

"That's just wrong, Mom"

"Well so is you reading that damn book and grossing out everytime we come here. Here, go read Everybody Farts and leave me alone would ya?"

Seriously, this is how the conversation goes while the oldest child is raising an eyebrow and snorting while thumbing through Sports Illustrated and the youngest child is tapping on the aquarium telling the fish to quit hiding and talk to him.

Yes, everybody poops.... shocking as hell isn't it?


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Annie- to be honest I have to control myself so I don't laugh everytime she does that. LOL. I just wish she would quit picking it up and saying the same thing everytime we go to the doctor which as you know is ALOT for us. LMAO. I truly think that whole series of books is great. I envy the lady who wrote them. Who knew poop could make you rich?!