Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pass The Pillow and Blanket Please...

The move went fairly decent with only a few down points here and there. Vin pulled a muscle in his back again, I did too much so I'm exhausted, and there are a few things wrong with the apartment but all in all not a bad move. The one person I was worried about the most ended up taking it the best!

The old house is the only house Lil Man has ever known. We moved in when he was 6 months old so it's always been his "home". I figured he would be upset and disoriented for a few days with maybe a few temper tantrums thrown in. Totally the opposite. He enjoyed running from room to room and the minute he found out that he gets a "playroom" for a few months (due to the older two being made to share a room as punishment) he was on Cloud Nine! Now you can't get the boy out of that room without playing "Let's Make A Deal".

Today we took Sis to her homeschool gymnastics class. My conversation with the Lil Man went something like this...

"Mama, we go Sissy's gymnastics now?"

"Yes sweety, we're going to take Sissy to... when did you learn to say gymnastics so well?"


"Yesterday? Who taught you?"

"Sissy told me yesserday that we were going to gymnastics so I say we going to gymnastics too."
"You're so smart. Do you know that?"

"Yes, I'm smart and everybody loves me because I'm Lil Man."

LOL. I can't argue with that now can I? He also informed his father quite loudly the other night that we turn the tv OFF during dinner. We didn't know he had realized that was the rule so it was a little shocking to hear him say it and of course, he is our little Captain Curse Patrol. You can't even say "dang" or "crap" because he will tell you "That's a naughty word and you not pose to say it!". It gets on your nerves sometimes but to be honest I have cleaned up my language some thanks to him. LOL. He's definately a keeper. The other two... welllllllllllllll the warranty ran out on them long ago so I'll keep them around. Besides, I'm just a little bit attached to the rotten little turkeys. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm Not Ready!!

Just yesterday he was in my belly and the u/s tech was saying "Don't go painting the room blue yet but it looks like a boy".

Just yesterday he was eating his first birthday cake and sitting on my lap.

Just yesterday he was having his second birthday and clinging on to his Barney doll.

Just yesterday he was in Preschool learning new songs and making me a Mommy's Day gift with his own precious hands.

Just yesterday he was letting me know he was okay to ride the bus all by himself.

Just yesterday he told me he was a big boy because he graduated from Kindergarten.

Just yesterday he was starting Junior High and starting to talk about girls.

And just today I cried as my oldest baby started his first day as a Freshman in High School. This morning he hugged me and walked out the door a young man. No longer a little boy holding my hand and wanting to show me his newest fingerpainting. Now he's a young man who can't wait to get his driver's license and graduate from High School. Hanging out with friends is cool. Hanging out with your mom isn't. There is no such thing as "the cool mom" right now no matter how much younger I am than the other moms. LOL.

Today a new journey started for both of us. As he embraces the changes and looks forward to the future I can't help but wish we could go back to the days when I tickled him and he giggled saying "No more tickles mommy my tummy ouchie".

Forget this growing up junk! I want my babies back!!