Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kirk A. Coiner- "Just The Facts, Ma'am"

*Updated with a picture of Mr Coiner. .*

I'm sorry to my regular readers that I haven't been around lately. Due to pain and other things going on I just haven't had the energy but I appreciate you always checking for new posts and promise I will give you one soon.

This post is for whoever have been Googling Big B's donor's name lately- Kirk A. Coiner. I feel that if someone (especially another woman) is interested enough to google the name then they may want some information to go with it.

Fact 1- Mr. Coiner owes his firstborn son a current total of $18,462.95 . Mr Coiner owes this amount because for seven years he refused to pay his child support which at the time was only $134.00. Anytime the Child Support Division would try to attach his wages he would quit his job. They couldn't take his income tax return because he didn't file one from 1997 on.

Fact 2- Mr Coiner stood up in court and actually complained when the judge told him he would pay a higher child support amount. It seems Mr Coiner could not pay his previous child support but he could get the money to fly from Oregon to Pennsylvania. You can read what happened here.

Fact 3- Mr Coiner is full aware that his 15 year old son has a rare genetic disorder that causes endocrine cancers. He is also aware that in March of 2005 our son had to have a total thyroidectomy because medullary cancer had already began in him. This means my son will be on lifelong thyroid and parathyroid supplementation. Mr Coiner is SUPPOSE to pay 100% of Big B's medical bills. Instead he paid nothing and that includes child support. He has offered no help nor made any honest effort to show his son that he matters.

Fact 4- Out of the last year Mr Coiner has paid FULL support a total of four times. Four months out of twelve I have recieved a full payment. This stopped when Mr Coiner again quit his job.

Fact 5- The State of Oregon has had to begin proceedings against Mr Coiner to revoke his license at least twice. Of course, Mr Coiner has figured out a way to beat the system and makes sure to pay $20-$25 once every three months to keep his license. Personally I find this disgusting and if it is so important for him to keep his license then maybe he should use it to GET A JOB!!

Fact 6- My husband has had to cover Big B on his insurance because unlike Mr Coiner, we care about whether or not Big B lives. As I said, Mr Coiner is suppose to cover my son on insurance and any bills. Instead my husband and I not only fully support Big B but are also left to pay all co-pays for him as well. As his mother I understand that this goes with the territory and will do whatever it takes to keep my son healthy. His co-pays alone are $75 a month. That may not seem like a whole lot but my daughter (not Mr Coiner's) also has MEN2a and had the same surgery plus I have numerous health problems myself. This means our total copays each month are at least $250 and most times more. This is a very big dent in our income especially when nothing is coming in by way of child support to help out.

I could go on all day but I'm trying to keep this to the facts only. Mr Coiner (no, not you Wifey 3) is more than welcome to TRY to dispute these facts but unfortunately, they are indisputable. I would much rather not have to drag my dirty laundry onto the blogosphere but obviously someone is looking for information on him and I feel they should have the correct information.

Feel free to email me if you are in need of any other information that may be instrumental to your purposes- habits, work history, etc. Thank you.

To my readers, just skip this post and I'll give you a good one in the next few days.

I'd also like to add that you can find him on as krikcoin and also as kirkulus1. Funny, it says he's single on there. Does wifey 3 know this?

Legal Blah Blah ;) *All the information in this post is able to be proven through court documents, affidavits, and medical reciepts. This post is for information purposes only and should be used as such.*


Elderfaery said...

It's right that you published these facts. What a piece of work he is.

queen of wt said...

Found your blog today and I will so be badk.

I put the blog on my blogrolls at WHITE TRASH MOM----the regular blogroll and the HALL OF FAME blogroll.
Michelle Lamar
aka white trash mom

Jo said...

Thank you both. Sadly, either him or most likely his new wifey (and family from Tennessee) can look at this blog 30 or more times a day but can't be bothered to learn anything about my son's life on our other blogs or any post that doesn't contain "Kirk A Coiner" in it.

In the past this would have bothered me but now I just find it pathetic as hell.

I'm sure they are hoping they can hurt me by suing but I've covered all the bases on that one. ;)

Mom of All Seasons said...

Ah, the joys of the deadbeat dad. I, too, had one of those growing up - only he wasn't divorced from my mom and he still lived in the house. She thought of it, despite the fact that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his three progeny, as "staying together for the kids". That is, until she found out how much cash he REALLY made and why all his friends were so nice to part with all those motorcycles, cars, bows, guns and camping/fishing/hunting trips for "free".

Best wishes on getting your son's due.

contemplator said...

At this point, he owes so much in child support that I'm pretty sure they could put him in jail. Ever thought about doing that?

And I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Here's to feeling better soon!

jafabrit said...

what can I say, it wouldn't be polite.
Just wanted to send a hug of support to you as a mum and to your son.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this post:

I had a dream about you last night. That I drove to your house and surprise met you.

Totally weird!

Anonymous said...

I had one of those assholes too. Never gave a damn about us, both economically and sentimentally. But he never left and made our life miserable till a few years ago, as you know, and I'm glad at least that you had a second chance and he's out of your life.
Fuck him! the best agaist this kind of people is not to show that you need their money. I hope u get it all tho, till the last penny!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
This is wifey number 2 the the deadbeat. Long time no talk. Sorry to hear about B. Still nothing from Kirk. The courts are "trying" to transfer case to Oregon. Yeah. I call courts about once a week and harrass them. Buthead won't answer my calls or K's. She asks why and I don't know what to say. I've tried being as honost as possible. I hope it all turns out ok. She is 9 now. Thank god she looks like me!!! Well Jo, I hope things start working out for us soon. Take care! Crystal

Jo said...

Hey Crystal it's good to hear from you. I tried emailing you a few times but didn't hear anything. Big B was wanting you guys' number and address again so he could still keep in touch with K. The more the jackass ignores her the more B feels he needs to be there for her. Definately doesn't take after his donor! ;)

Email me at the tjcoiner email when you get a chance. Oregon doesn't really seem to give a rip that he is now almost $40,000 in the hole to you and I combined. I'll fill you in on the rest after you email.

K will be alright when she gets older. I worried about the effects on Big B too but he understands that it isn't him that is the one lacking and she will too. She's got alot of love to draw on.

Talk to you soon.

Jo said...

Ang- you know, we could totally do that sometime because there's only about 5 hours between us. ;)

Jones- I'm sorry you've ever had to deal with an asshole. Definately fuck him too! *hugz*

Joy- funny thing that. They say that if he pays even a tiny amount once every three month then they can't take his license or put him in jail. They also REFUSE (and I say refuse because I think this is a total bunch of bullshit I'm being fed) to hold him in contempt of court because they don't have a verifiable employer for him. You would THINK that if he's not working then they just jail him but nope, so he can keep working under the table and not paying anything and not a damn thing happens to him.

Welcome to the joy and wonder that is our United States child support recovery legal system.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
I'll send u an email. I'll explain about K. He hasn't talked to her since Feb. Jackass. Anyway, tell B I said Hi and I'll email tomorrow after I wake up. Hope Christmas was good. Ours was nice. Talk to u soon.


Jen MacKenzie said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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*Tanyetta* said...


You are hardcore. I don't blame you one bit for posting this ;)